insurance problem - can someone help? - fiesta man

I'm trying to buy a replacement car, and want to try and find a good private example.

I have the problem that I want to drive the cars, but despite having a fully comprehensive insurance policy i don't have 3rd party cover to drive any vehicle. I have called my insurance company (elephant) to ask to have my policy ammended, but they refuse to do it. elephant amusingly suggested i ask any seller i visit that they put me on their policy so that i can drive the car! when i heard that i couldn't help but laugh at the suggestion - can you honestly imagine the reception the average punter would give that idea??!!

Short of changing my insurance company, which is a rather drastic option, can anyone suggest a way to negotiate my way around this difficultly?

Incidentally I'm 24, have held a clean license for 7 years, have had no accidents, and have 2 years no claims bonus.



insurance problem - can someone help? - Mark (RLBS)
Did they give a reason why you didn't have the DOC extension; it might simply be your age.

You are kinda stuffed though. Did you ask them if they would do short term cover on a particular car ? Perhaps you can visit a car and when you find a likely one, get it added for a few hours as an additional vehicle.

insurance problem - can someone help? - fiesta man
Oddly they didn't even go to the lengths of checking who i was, the guy on the other end of the phone just rejected the idea after speaking to a "supervisor".

At the time of purchasing the policy I just wanted the cheapest option, and always assumed that any company would grant a DOC extention, as ultimately they can earn extra cash.... well provided i don't stove a car into someone/something. Given the owner would be onboard, i'd drive it appropriately - that's not saying i drive like a hooligan in the first instance - so it's hard for me to see where the problem lies.

The delear only option would be fine if it weren't for the fact that dealers charge over the odds when compared to private cars. Fair enough, they have to make a living.

insurance problem - can someone help? - teabelly
You could ask sellers about putting you on their insurance. If they say no go back to elephant and say you have been refused by the seller and what are elephant going to do to keep you as a customer as you feel you will be treated much better by another company. Alternatively you will have to buy a car from a dealer who will have trade plates. Third option is just to keep your current car then come renewal time make sure you have the driving other cars extension so you can find a replacement car.If you go to another company make sure you tell elephant why you are leaving.

Is there anyone else with driving other cars on their insurance who's opinion you would trust to drive the car for you and spot any problems?

insurance problem - can someone help? - Phoenicks
You may not get 3rd Party cover to drive another vehicle with another insurer as you are under 25. most require you to be over 25.

You cannot add the sellers car to your insurance at it will effectively be insured twice, however there is a test drive allowance that may allow you to do this.

If i was selling a car i would expect the buyer to be insured to the same level as me, because 3rd party cover isnt going to pay if you damage his car. A seller would probably take you seriously and be grateful if you ask them to pop you on their insurance so they are sure there is enough cover. probably only cost £10-£20.

It may be amusing to you but the idea of the seller insuring you is the easiest, most realistic and cheapest way. It also ensures adequate cover.
insurance problem - can someone help? - fiesta man
valid points raised. i guess i'll just see what happens - if the seller is unwilling to insure me, then i just walk away.
insurance problem - can someone help? - Phoenicks
fair do's - i agree with you. If they are serious about selling then they have to do as much as they can to assist with that.
insurance problem - can someone help? - Hugo {P}
fair do's - i agree with you. If they are serious
about selling then they have to do as much as they
can to assist with that.

I am about to sell a car, which I am insured to drive. However perhaps I should ensure that the potential buyer is insured at least 3rd party through his own insurance and get him to agree to be responsible for any damage to the vehicle whilst he is driving it.

If you like the car that you are going to see, you could ask the seller to find out how much it would cost him to put you on. Personally for £10 or so I would offer to re imburse. After all, you're getting the saving off dealer price.

It sounds like your insurers are being really intransient about this, not even to offer 3rd party.

Mine allows me to drive cars not belonging to me TPFT.

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insurance problem - can someone help? - Mark (RLBS)
>>Mine allows me to drive cars not belonging to me TPFT.

Actually, it probably doesn't. Its much more likely to be RTA only, which is essentially Third Party only.

Your certificate of insurance merely grants you what ever is the legal minimum insurance required. Anything more than that is granted and detailed by your policy document and policy schedule.
insurance problem - can someone help? - DavidHM
Mark, obviously you're right.

But there has been an Insurance Ombudsman case where the car was stolen while parked up, having been driven there on a DOC extension, and the insurance company refused to pay up on the grounds that it wasn't being used by the main insured. They were made to pay because the theft element was independent of who was driving the car (who is presumably the thief when you think about it...)

Probably, if a fire occurred while driving on an extension, that wouldn't be covered although if it wasn't related to any accident, it would be worth citing that precedent and seeing what happened.
insurance problem - can someone help? - John S
fiesta man

Even if the normal DOC extension were available, many sellers may not be happy with that being only 3rd party, and given the fact some cars have been stolen that way, many sellers are not happy to let someone they don't know drive (No slur on your character of course!)

In many ways it's not such a bad idea to let the owner drive you about. You can concentrate on looking and listening, and can get a good feel for the car. Importantly, you get some idea how they've driven the car - no concessions to a cold engine, excessive clutch slipping etc. Ask them if you want any particular checks done - such as revving hard in, say, third and then dropping off the throttle to check it doesn't drop out of gear, hard braking to check for uneven braking effect etc. if they comply willingly that's a good sign.


john S
insurance problem - can someone help? - Vansboy
I'm guessing you haven't decided EXACTLY which make/model you want, & would just like to try, before you buy?

The easy way would be to let some dealers give you test drives, in the cars, similar to those you might fancy.You would then be insured-but probably with an excess on the dealers policy of £500 !!!!Don't be surprised at having to sign a form, accepting this, before each drive!!

Then, once you know whatyou want, find keen private man that is prepared to provide cover at his expense.It may well be just the case of a phone call & no cost to either of you.

insurance problem - can someone help? - Vansboy
& if tou're not sure of what you're looking at, get a local garage to check & test drive it,before buying.They should be OK for cover, anyway.

insurance problem - can someone help? - Hawesy1982
Fiesta Man, and other knowledgables on this thread;

I'm 21, and insured with elephant fully comprehensive.

I was interested to know whether i was insured to DOC third party, so carefully scanned my policy details to check for small print saying i couldn't, but i found nothing at all relating to this situation.

Does this mean i can, or can't DOC?
insurance problem - can someone help? - DavidHM
If it's not on the policy schedule, you're not covered unless it's a term implied by law. Driving other cars isn't such a term so you're not covered - unless of course the car is covered by 'any driver' insurance, for example in the trade.
insurance problem - can someone help? - martint123
I thinks it's on my certificate.
AFAIK it only comes automatically for 25 and older drivers with xx years no claims not sure it it's 3 of 5 years.
insurance problem - can someone help? - Mark (RLBS)

I hesitate to disagree but...

The DOC extension would need to be on the certificate rather than the schedule since it is extending cover under the RTA.

Qualification, clarification, restriction and classification to it would, if relevant, be in the policy, but not the actual establishment of cover.

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