Carole Adams - Guy Lacey
Come in Carole Adams - your time is up.

As the only regular female contributor I feel your absence from the forum is the route cause of the increased tension due to a testosterone overdose.



Re: Carole Adams/Rebecca ? - Ashley
It's been nice not having any back-biting over the last few days. it appears that Martin has appeased the unhappy one or two by explaining his actions and motives in a plain and easy way ( Pay me the tenner when you have it M ! ).

Also, it's nice to have a female point of view as us males seem hell bent on winding each other up !


Re: Carole Adams/Rebecca ? - Martyn [Back Room moderator]
I wouldn't have said "appeased", Ash. But I hope you're right and the backbiting has stopped.

Interestingly, we have lost several frequent contributors: I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are on holiday, not permanently absent.
Re: Carole Adams/Rebecca ? - Martyn [Back Room moderator]
Having said that, I remembered carole saying something about being away for quite a while. So I looked back. This is what she wrote, for all ye who are pining over her:

>Actually I'm going away for a few weeks now and
>very worried about missing something. Could you
>all just post lots of messages about catalytic converters
>and overhead cams or something and save the gossip
>till I get back? Thanks.

How many weeks constitutes a few?
Re: Carole Adams/Rebecca ? - Ashley
Two, three but not four as that's a month !

If your a politician then a few weeks is a very small amount of time, if your a ex-miner waiting for compensation then it means never.


Ash. ( mining community citizen )
Guy's grammar mistake! - David Lacey

I know you are the 'brainy' one of the family, but the 'route cause' as you put it, is wrong, oh so wrong.

Did you not pay any attention at school?

May I correct you, it should read ' the root cause'

Kind rgds

GSOH - Guy Lacey
Dave - it's called a "pun" as encountered frequently in your favourite newspaper - "The Sun"

In this instance, a motoring related Root Cause was refered to as a "Route Cause" - maybe I should have entered "*Route* Cause" to help you.

Too many Fosters consumed tonight methinks Dave....
Paper mill recycled stock - David Lacey
Yes, Guy, I take your point

Asterisks would have helped your cause.

No, I don't take the Sun. But it is a good read, mind. You should know that, working at a paper mill, Guy, amongst other *publications*

And, yes, a few beers have been consumed, but no spelling mistakes.

Over-runs - Guy Lacey
Ah yes - the delights of the print "over-runs" - I can't say what they are known as "in the trade" for fear of *really* dragging the forum into the dirt.

You'll be amazed at what they allow on the top-shelf these days.

Luckily, establishments such as ours take these filthy publications into our works and convert them into high-quality, God fearing, plain, unprinted paper.

What this has to do with motoring is beyond me.
Production filters @ S.R.P - David Lacey
Yes, Guy, you are right to a degree. But what about all the 'filtered out' recycled stock you seem to keep in your lockers?

I have been to your place of work, remember?

You WON'T find any of that stuff at our place.

Re: Production filters @ S.R.P - Roger Jones
Come off it, Lacey bros, pick up the phone or use e-mail if you want to play family ping-pong!
Re: Production filters @ S.R.P - Ben Lacey
I agree.
It's about time they stopped bickering and just accepted that I'm far better than either of them.

Re: Paper mill recycled stock - Darcy Kitchin
Perchance did you send me a "keep on the subject" message a while ago?
Hello, Mr Pot, Mr Kettle here
Re: Carole Adams/Rebecca ? - Carole Adams
Aw gee guys. Nice to be missed. A few weeks = 3, for the record. I went to Turkey (got back on Monday) and I'm sure there's a motoring link there to make this post legit (very scary driving).

As I haven't quite managed to read all 6 pages of postings yet I can't begin to imagine what I've missed but it has obviously been a busy 3 weeks. You obviously didn't do as I asked and limit the conversation to questions and comments about motor cars and their workings.

Anyway - thanks to all of you who wished me a happy holiday all those pages back - it worked: and thanks to Guy for enticing me back into the Forum with the sneaky bait of the post subject - that worked too! ( I resisted the one about horses a page or so back but oooo I was tempted!)

Actually, I sort of missed you all! On with the banter.
Aloha! - Guy Lacey
Hi Carole - nice to have you back.

It's not the first time you have been mentioned!!

Please help stop the rot.

Please see below!!


(excerpt from B-Room)

Welcome home
Author: David Lacey (
Date: 11-08-01 21:34

Welcome back David - there is much for you to catch up on here.

The usual topics are here.....Police, Gatsos, etc etc

Yep, Guy's been on about his Golf again. He's now expecting me to use vinegar and/or lemon juice to clean a cabriolet rear screen.

I am envious of you having a summer break - I won't be able to. But then, I was away in January for 3 wks in South Africa (Blimey we spent out but the memories) Perhaps a week at a caravan park in West Somerset for me in late summer??!!

I am too a little dismayed to see use of some , lets say, some colourful language here lately - there's no real need for it. Well, not here anyway. Just let's reserve it for use after clouting one's finger trying to free off or fit something something suitably stubborn! (Usually of French manufacture!! Sorry!)

Kind regards


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Forget David Woollard
Author: Guy Lacey (
Date: 11-08-01 21:56

No offence Dave W but I'm more concerned about Carole Adams.

As for the F-word - not guilty guv.

Good to have you back to bring some decorum back.

...........where's my cheque?

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Oh Guy you can't even leave them alone here..
Author: David Lacey (
Date: 11-08-01 22:01

Guy, I know womanising is *one* of your favourite pastimes, but here.......? (WRT Carole Adams!)


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Re: Oh Guy you can't even leave them alone here..
Author: Alex. L. Dick (
Date: 11-08-01 22:05

Who (or what) is Carole Adams?
Easy boys! - Guy Lacey
Look - I tempted the fine lady back here so stop treading on my toes OK lads?!

Re: Aloha! - Carole Adams
Can't win 'em all.
Just in time. - David Woollard
Hello Carole,

Some of the boys have been very very naughty while Mum was away!

I hope you've practiced the cut and paste because you may need it...a lot.

Re: Aloha! - Ashley
Hi Carole,

Nice to see you, to see you nice !

Lets hope the easy going nature continues now that you're back 'eh ?


Rebecca turns up again - Rebecca
Looks like I got a mention too!

Have also been on holiday, in the new BMW (still happy), in France. Zipped along the motorway by Montpellier, but didn't go for the 142 mph record attempt. Once with in-laws, 3 different people kicked the tyres and I witnessed 2 pressing-the-windscreen offences.

Sorry to report that the French drivers haven't changed much. Zut Alors!
Re: Rebecca turns up again - John Slaughter

Glad you enjoyed the holidays, tailgating French drivers excepted.

I sure am glad to have the other confessed BMW owner back!


Re: Rebecca turns up again - Michael
John, Rebecca, be sure to fill your beemers with the new 98 octane fuel from shell (see new post) and get the performance the makers intended....

Value my car