Peugeot gearbox 206 - David_S
my daughters 206 2001 model has just been into main dealers (under warranty) with a notchy/clunky gear selection problem.
Local dealer who sold car wanted to replace gearbox, but peugeot refused and dealer has to rebuild gearbox, replacing various parts. Not sure what root cause is, any one else had similar problem if so what was the fix?

Begs the question what IS a manufacturers 3 year warranty worth?
A premium was paid in main dealer purchase price I hope their gearbox rebuild hold up.

Peugeot gearbox 206 - DenisO
David, It is a well known problem with the 206. My son has a 1998 1.4 and the gearbox died completely at 18,000 miles. It was out of warranty and a new one fitted was about £1800. A recon was around £1200 and a rebuild was about £1000 but could have been much more depending on what they found when they got in side.
I decided to risk buying a box from a scrappy which came with a 3 month warranty. The box was £250 and another £300 to fit which included a new clutch. The car has now done over 30,000 and is still going strong so I guess my decision to go the scrappy route was a good one. I do recognise that it could have all ended in tears.
Peugeot were of little help as the car was out of warranty. I suspect that they are aware that the gearboxes are weak and hope that they don't go within warranty period.
Good luck with yours.
Peugeot gearbox 206 - DL
A rebuild will be fine, aslong as they know what they are doing.
Peugeot gearbox 206 - Armitage Shanks{P}
There is a Peugeot 206 info board and website. It is useful but slanted towards baseball hats, lowered suspensions and boomy music but there is some good stuff in there! The best bit I found was a chap saying that he reckoned that his car had been built on a Friday; this produced a reply saying that 206s were only built on Fridays, perhaps this includes the gear boxes!!!
Peugeot gearbox 206 - David_S
Thanks for the responses, It is in the hands oof the pug maindealeer so hopefully they know what theey are doing and as it is a common problem they must have had some practice.

Does anyone know if the rebuild includees any mods to improvee reliability or is it luck of the draw.
Peugeot gearbox 206 - David_S
Just had a call from Pug Main dealer and parts for gearbox have not arrived They first looked at car last Monday and were going to call when parts were in, which they never did so we called them and dropped car off Thursday AM they advised that they needed more parts which needed ordering.

They were advised that the car and my daughter were on leave from the services and that she had to return to her base on Tuesday next week.
Now transpires that due to the age old "computer problem" parts were not despatched and she will not have car ready for Tuesday.

No replacement car available as she is too young so now she is going to be out of pocket and minus car less 200 miles from home.

Buy a newish car from a main dealer at a premium for all the benefits..... Yeah Right !!
Peugeot gearbox 206 - Armitage Shanks{P}
David S, I thought that Peugeot had a widely publicised policy,that, if parts ordered by mid day didn't arrive by midday the next day, you didn't pay for them? Perhaps this is warranty work and so you aren't paying but it would be interesting to know if the priciple still applies.
Peugeot gearbox 206 - DL
I know of a Commercial Vehicle parts factor who operated the same policy - cost them an engine once!
Peugeot gearbox 206 - Hugo {P}
Suggest you write to the Area Manager for Peugeot Service and tell him exactly what you told us.

You should ask for.

New gearbox NOW
Fitted within 1 week
Car delivered to your daugter's base curtesy of Peugeot, so that she has it.

Good Luck
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Peugeot gearbox 206 - David_S
I tried phoning Pug customer care today but office is closed,
Will do so again on Monday.

Update to follow
Peugeot gearbox 206 - David_S
Update on Customer Care ( a misnomer methinks) call.
Explained situation they said they would look at the situation and get back to me. After three hours I rang for update but they
had none and insisted I gave the local dealer time to respond.
Hour later they updated me with the fact that.

1: Daughter is under 21 so no replacement vehicle
Already knew that so when they sell a car with the
\"comprehensive\" customer care warranty, replacement vehicle
if yours breaks down etc to an underage why do they not
offer a discount.

2: No offer of contribution to travel costs will be made
either by Peugeot or Dealer

3: Parts are not available and no timescale can be given for
when they will be, excuse being that they have to come
from France and possibly manufacturer who are supplier to
Peugeot. Although they did say it often takes 4 weeks or
more if that is the case.

4: Will not replace gearbox, asked for this as it may be
more readily available.

All in all a frustrating day, now wondering who I could be contacting or what I should be doing to progress this.

Any ideas ?

Peugeot gearbox 206 - Cheeky
I had a 206 two or so yrs ago. Car was ok, but what you are experiencing is typical of the apalling dealer network that are Peugeot UK and their dealers. I remember being fobbed off with numerous lies and consider the majority (not all!) of their dealerships amongst the worst in the UK. A shame - the cars are great until they inevitably go wrong. The dealer back-up and after sales is what really lets the side down.


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