Safety Recall - Honda Ignition Switch - hootie
Having spoken (at length I suppose) about the reliability etc etc of my car (Honda CRV Es auto 1997) and how pleased I\'ve been with it since new - I now get a safety recall letter, and I\'m looking for some helpful comments before I ring up the authorised dealer.

(for information car has always been main dealer serviced until last service and MOT carried out at the beginning of this month, timing belt was changed by dealer at 5 yrs as recommended, and I had a new battery earlier this year. Have also had tyres and wiper blades - that\'s all)

Safety recall says:

\"some vehicles were manufactured with ignition switches that can wear prematurely and this may lead to difficulty starting the car\" (well, I did have some difficulties, which I presumed were battery related, and having changed the battery no longer experience them - sometimes car had stood a while and only done a few miles, now it\'s used more frequently and on longer journeys)
\"in some cases it is possible that the switch might fail and that your engine may stall without warning\"

I\'m obviously going to get it booked in asap, don\'t think my car has any problems, but who knows. Just wanted to ask if there\'s anything I should know before contacting the garage on Monday?
It shouldn\'t cost anything presumably?

Letter also says that \"repair times may vary, particularly if your car has been fitted with an alarm system\"
Any idea how long this work should take? (mine has a combined remote alarm/immobiliser, I think it\'s Thatcham 1, which was fitted by the dealer prior to delivery)

I can\'t imagine they\'d provide a courtesy car for this work, so I\'d like to have an idea of what\'s involved before I call them - I just like to be prepared.

Safety Recall Notice - eMBe {P}
hootie: you should have read HJ\'s car-by-car breakdown in May 2002! It has taken your dealer 14 months to notify you!

>>> \"... Recalls
May 2002: contact point in ignition can fail at speed causing a stall in cars built 1997 to 2000 (Auto Express 30/5/2002). ECU problem with some later Mk I CRVs also lead to a TSB. Official recall 6-6-2002: Eelctrical contacts in ignition switch wear prematurely leading to a stall. Remedy to fit new switch. 53,175 Hondas affected. ....\" >>>>
Safety Recall Notice - hootie
Good grief!!! Didn\'t check on HJ - as you know I haven\'t been a member of the site for long (couple or three weeks only?) There\'s so much to read, you can\'t get around it all.

However it isn\'t the dealer who\'s finally notified me, but
\"Honda Recall Administration\" at Reading (they have all the correct vehicle and contact details for me)
I\'m quite shocked that it\'s taken them so long to let me know!
Safety Recall Notice - eMBe {P}
The first thing I did on finding HJ\'s site was to check his reports about my cars. I now always check HJ\'s car-by-car before deciding on the next car.
Safety Recall Notice - hootie
The first thing I did on finding HJ\'s site was to
check his reports about my cars. I now always check HJ\'s
car-by-car before deciding on the next car.

Seems to be good advice, wish I\'d thought of it first too.
Would only have saved a couple of weeks though.
Safety Recall Notice - Altea Ego
No idea how long it will take but i can explain how you got the recall notice.

A manufacturer will inform the DVLC when they have a recall notice. Selling dealership will inform the buying owner when there is a recall. NOw the car could have been sold in the meantime and the dealer knows not to whom. Sooooooooo after an appropriate period of time when no work is recorded against the recalled car, manufacturer contacts DVLC who give the name of the owner. Second recall notice gets sent - probably yours in this case.

When a manufacturer issues an official recall, they have to achieve a minimum target level of rectified cars, and or show sufficient effort to contact owners of said effected cars. All this is self policed, no legislation to enforce.

Safety Recall Notice - hootie
Thanks Renault Family :) although the Head Office had my correct details, I now realise that my last dealer service was just prior to the recall notice (and as I have said elsewhere,in a complaint about Honda dealers chopping and changing - shortly after I had that service the dealership changed to another manufacturer - just my bad luck I suppose?)

The letter does have a section at the bottom which asks you to forward details of a new owner if you have sold the vehicle.

I hadn't checked up on HJ's report on this car, as we've been very pleased with it - all my thoughts lately have been concentrating on buying the new small car - lesson learned then.
Safety Recall Notice - eMBe {P}
I should think you have a right to a \"courtesy car\" because it is a safety related manufacturing fault. Demand one and see how it goes.
Safety Recall Notice - hootie
I should think you have a right to a \"courtesy car\" because
it is a safety related manufacturing fault. Demand one and
see how it goes.

I suppose once I find out how long the work is likely to take, then I\'ll see. Feel more likely to stand my ground as you say having had a second opinion about entitlement. Courtesy cars are often a bit like gold dust, suppose it depends mostly on how much notice, and how busy the garage is.
Safety Recall Notice - hootie
Update: (just incase anyone else was wondering)

Seeing as no one could give me an unbiased opinion as to how long it was likely to take, I rang the customer helpline, and they reckon about an hour is all (even with the Cat 1 alarm/immobiliser)

Having spent far longer than this trying to contact the service department to book it in, I hope their servicing department is less stretched than the people who answer the phone.

(have only got as far as the main switchboard since getting this notice, not even got service reception yet - and have left them two contact numbers if they care to call me at their convenience - think I was right to have taken the servicing business to an indpendent at this rate, even though it's meant a 12 month delay in the recall notice coming through)
Safety Recall Notice - Burnout2
To give you an idea of time, I had this work done on my 2000 Accord, and my local dealer did it (gratis of course) in just under half an hour, while I waited.
Safety Recall Notice - hootie
Thanks for the info Burnout2, that's what I was looking for.
I didn't have any idea myself.

Have now heard from garage who also confirmed this timing - just about half the time indicated by the help line.

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