Lambo V A8 - BobbyG
I'm not very good at posting links, however in todays Daily Record there is a story about a guy who bought a brand new Lambo Murcielago, even went to Bologna to see it being built. When he arrived there he was taken to the factory in a new A8.

He has since went into his local Audi dealer in Glasgow in his Lambo and traded it in for a brand new A8. Apparently he felt uneasy leaving it parked in the streets of Glasgow. Needless to say, the dealer paid him a balance!

Whilst he was in , someone else came into the dealer and offered money for the Lambo!!

Whats your thoughts on that Sean??? Someone more skilful than me might be able to post a link to the page.
Lambo V A8 - Rob C
Who wrote the article? Marketing manager at Audi?
Lambo V A8 - Altea Ego
And what makes him think he can feel easy leaving an A8 parked in the streets of Glasgow? (not to be a jock beater - also read London, Manchester, Birmingham etc etc)
Lambo V A8 - CM
I think that if you are going to buy an exotic sports car it shouldn't be parked on the streets and probably should have been taken into consideration before parting with your hard earned
Lambo V A8 - Dynamic Dave
I'm not very good at posting links, however in todays Daily Record there ....

You mean this one Bobby?
Lambo V A8 - BobbyG
Thats the one, cheers DD! Thought the link looked too long to work when I tried it initially!

In answer to the earlier posts, think its a case of heart ruling the head and face the consequences later!
Lambo V A8 - Dynamic Dave
Thats the one, cheers DD! Thought the link looked too long
to work when I tried it initially!

You can always use if you think the link is going to be too long. you paste the original link into the box and this in turn provides you with a shorter link. ie, in this case it would be
Lambo V A8 - bugged {P}
im sorry but thats ridiculous, theres no way in a million years id get rid of my dream car because i was too scared to park it,

I might consider having a car just for parking in town at night
if i had that sort of dosh but wouldnt part ex it for an audi!!!

surely if you can afford a lambo you could afford a taxi into town!!! ;-)
Lambo V A8 - bartycrouch
The Lamborghini Murcielago's natural habitat is on a bedroom wall. The Countach was a truck and even the beautiful Miura was deficient in many areas (front-end lift at speed, oil pressure drops on fast bends on early ones). The smaller ones, like the almost forgotten Urraco, were better received by the motoring press, as they had to be competative with other "real world" cars like the 911 and dino.

The Murcielago is just too wide, bulky and impractical. It's a sports car you could not drive fast on many country roads.

"Be careful of what you wish for - you might get it."

Hopefully, the new, smaller Gallardo will be better.
Lambo V A8 - Morris Ox
Well said, Barty.

Give me a British road and a Caterham 7 and, if God had been more generous on the talent front, I could wup anything out of Italy or Germany.
Lambo V A8 - sean
My thoughts on that?

Both Lamborghini and Audi are owned and produced by the same, excellent vehicle group.

Did you honestly not know?


Who do you think owns:

Lambo, Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda and 16 specialist engineering groups?

I think you are advocating what I have been trying to tell you.

Many thanks.
Lambo V A8 - BobbyG
No Sean I did know who owned them - just wondered on your thoughts on someone swapping the Lambo for an A8 - does it speak wonders for the A8 or does it say more about the Lambo?
Lambo V A8 - sean
In my opinion, the A8 is a beautifully engineered car, bought only with the head. It is a businessman's car, designed to transport a moneyed senior manager to his destination.

It doesn't present a "flash, look at me", style.

The Lambo definitely does and tends to attract all of the wrong attention.

People comment about never being let out of side streets on Porsches, Ferraris, Lambos. I have yet to hear this from folks with Audis.

The whole point of Dr. Pietch's strategy was niche marketing. Building the same basic platform in sheep or wolf clothing to attract different buyers.

The people who dislike the Lambo tend not to see the same characteristics in the A8.

Hope this helps.

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