MAP Sensor?? - jaapie
Hi there,
I am new here so hello to all in this Forum.
I would like to ask a question,and if anyone knows something PLEASE let me know. Thanks in Advance.
Here goes. I have a VW 1.6L Automatic 1997 Model. On startup the engine is racing and trying to cick it to go to normal idle is impossible. Putting it in gear is a trying affair too. However once i have got it in gear it takes off with a rush as you can imagine. After going a little way it stalls and i have to restart,this is happening all the time?? Now i have read something about a MAP Sensor that may cause this,is this correct??And where on earth is this MAP Sensor located??
All help very welcome.
Thanks again to all that may contribute to this issue.
MAP Sensor?? - Dynamic Dave
Don't you mean the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor instead of MAP? No idea where it's located, but if that's what you actually mean, then it might help people advise you where it is.
MAP Sensor?? - Pete
Could be mistaken here but does not M.A.P stand for Manifold Absolute Pressure ? Understand that some Fiats with Bosch SPI systems have these.
MAP Sensor?? - jaapie
Hi Dynamic Dave,
OOpps!! looks like i had the wrong gadget targeted,on futher investigation i find that it is the Oxygen Sensor that is at fault,i see it is situated on the pipe of the Manifold and is quite easily accesable,question is now can this be fixed?? I priced a new one and they are quite costly.
There is a Pic of the exact thing at the following site do have a look if you want to.
To all the others that answered thanks to you all too,you can all follow the link to see what it looks like,and if anyone knows more about this please let me know.
Many thanks. Jaapie
MAP Sensor?? - jaapie
Oh sorry to all i forgot to add the URL for that site of the Oxygen Sensor,here it is.
Thanks again. Jaapie
MAP Sensor?? - Cyd
MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure

The MAP sensor will be in the engine ECU. You will find a small bore hard plastic pipe going from the inlet manifold to the ECU. Check that this pipe is not blocked with oil residues. If there is evidence of oil at the ECU end then use rolled up cotton wool to clean inside the sensor. Under no cercumstances spray carb cleaner into the sensor.

I had this problem on my Rover turbo - because the car does not have a light on the dash to warn of ECU gremlins, it does so by hunting at idle (ie it's in "limp home" mode). Cleaned out the sensor and pipe and no more problem. Now I know I have fitted an in line filter and keep it clean every annual service.
MAP Sensor?? - David Davies
Your engine could well be suffering from an air leak via the brake servo pipe.This is an extremely common problem on VWs.Have this checked ASAP
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)

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