Ford Escort Many Problems - st1978
I have a second hand 1995(M) Ford Escort Saloon - 1.6 16v engine (had done 60k when bought and now has 90k on it). In the 18 months I've had I've spent in excess of £1000 just to keep it on the road. This includes (not exclusively!) New brake drums, disc, shoes etc, two new sections of exhaust, new cam-belt, several sections of suspension, blocked radiator, new radiator fan, new power steering fluid tank, not to mention the locking system that's been serviced once already - now only one key unlocks every door other keys unlock varius other things except the boot!! etc. etc. etc.

On top of all that, the suspension although virtually replaced is lousy (rolls like anything, is like being on a ship at sea over speed bumps even at low speed).

Mileage is appalling and gets worse with age, currently get approx. 25-28mpg on motorways. In town uses fuel like anything.

Just wondered if anyone else has had similar problems!!!
Ford Escort Many Problems - Hugo {P}
It sounds like the car was not well looked after before, or dare I say it may have been clocked, or had a dodjy past.

I remember when I was looking for a car for my mum, I took a 1.3L Maestro out for a test drive with 30K on the clock. It had just been taken in by a Rover dealership for retail, probably from an auction. It was only about 4 years old at the time.

The car was an absolute mess! The glove compartment wouldn't close, the driver's seat and pedals were well worn and whilst I was driving it the gear linkage almost fell apart to the extent that I could only get 3rd or 4th (5 speed box). I had it for 5 minutes.

I abandoned it at the forecourt and expressed complete disbelief at the wisdom of its purchase to the dealer principle. I am sure that was clocked. I know Maestros weren't great, but this one took the biscuit!

Did you do an HPI check on it when you bought it, or did you have it inspected?

Ford Escort Many Problems - st1978
I bought it from a Ford Dealer so didn't bother with HPI checks etc. Don't think it's been clocked as have several years MOT certificates with mileage etc. More like just badly maintained I guess!!
Ford Escort Many Problems - king arthur
Locks are a real problem on Fords at eight years or more. If you have a red key you can get new keys cut, that might solve that problem otherwise you need a new lock set, about £70 IIRC.

What suspension components have been replaced exactly?
Ford Escort Many Problems - ka razy
Have had many fords in the past dating back to a mk2 escort,various fiestas,a capri, to the last one a ford ka'98.They were all thisty things petrol wise(though cannot comment on the newer ones)as far as the key question,I work for a company that has many new transits,and to my disbelief one day I locked myself out of the ka,I tried one of the transits keys,not only did it open the door it also fitted and turned the only never started due to the immobiliser..
Ford Escort Many Problems - NitroBurner

Sounds like you\'ve got a real dog there. Obviously poorly maintained. But to be honest, many of the parts mentioned would be due for replacement @ 60k & 6yrs old.

As for the consumption, sounds like it\'s goosed!

Sorry to be harsh, but get rid of the damn thing!
Ford Escort Many Problems - none
st1978, Rear dampers used to fail early in the life of these cars, and regularly thereafter. Duff ones lead to a very 'boat like' wallowing, especially at motorway speeds. Easy to replace though.

Value my car