Should I replace the cambelt on a low mileage Ford Focus or sell it?

My wife's late 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 Titanium has just 31k on the clock. It has a full service history but has not had the cambelt (and the associated pumps etc) replaced. It's a hi-spec model with satnav and other extras but is the CVT model and attracts the higher road tax. I've been quoted around £700 to change the cam belt and make other mechanical repairs. Is it worth making these repairs considering the age of the car and its unattractive road tax?

Asked on 25 October 2023 by Phillip Sheahan

Answered by David Ross
There are two factors to consider in this situation. On the one hand, you have a car with exceptionally low mileage, high specification and a full service history, which as an ownership prospect is ideal as it has the potential to last for many more years. However, you also mention that its age and road tax are downsides.

If the cost of VED is the most important factor then we would suggest changing the car for something else, but finding a car with a similar mileage and condition will likely cost several thousand pounds more than the selling price of the Focus. Alternatively you can pay the cost of repairs to keep a car you know well on the road.
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