Keihin - weber - Marto
Hi is it possible to replace the keihin with a weber
on audi 80 1.8 ?

I know a lot of guys do it for VW 1.8 etc but webcon don't do it,
in fact when I called they said they couldn't do it, just they couldn't say why.... can anyone unlock this mystery?

Engine code on my car is NE, have a haynes carb manual which says weber were fitted on an older VW 1.8, engine code NE.

Any help appreciated,
Keihin - weber - Marto
Ah yes, I have done some more digging around with this,
there is no need to change the manifold, I just use the carb
flange for the pierburg carb (bolts straight on to existing manifold) and an adaptor plate supplied with Weber carb.
Now, I think bonnet clearance will be tight, has anyone done
this conversion successfully?

Thanks for any help ... Marto

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