Hiring a car in Spain? Get a Kangoo - the gardener
Renault Kangoos are very under rated in this country I feel. Although I have never owned one, I did have one as a hire car once in Spain where they proliferate in agricultural areas, as many people will have noticed. The one I had was a very easygoing car to drive. Anyway left hand drive cars feel more natural to drive, I think.
And by the way, when I arrived in Spain all I had done was book and pay for a basic sized car through Hertz rentals. They asked me where I was going and I told them ?the sierra? so he said well you going to get a Kangoo. Oh no I thought, but actually it really was a very good car to have there and much bigger than a Punto, say for the same money. Plus air conditioning, turbo diesel engine. The fact that it is slightly slow didn?t matter: I was on holiday after all.
So may I suggest that to get said car, tell the desk that you are driving into the hills!


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