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Having said they never break down on a thread in discussion, my MX5 has suffered occasional overheating on 2 occasions now.

It seems that the radiator dries out over a period of 3 or 4 weeks/600 miles. The expansion tank is quite full, the pipe to and from this to the top of the radiator is not blocked.

Perhaps I've lost a clip on the hose into the top of the radiator? Could someone look on a mark 1 for me and let me know whether there's a clip near the radiator cap?

If anyone else has had this problem I'd be very interested to know the whys and wherefores. Could it be a slight leak in the radiator?

Thanks for listening.
MX5 favour wanted! - martint123
I\'ve just popped down to the garage - no clip either end of the expansion bottle hose. There\'s no pressure in that bit anyway.

There have been reports of leaking water right at the back of the block - a bit of a pink fluffy dice to get at it seems. I can\'t remember the details, but I think it may be a sort of rubber plug???
Maybe some info on the mailing list archive of useful info at:-

MX5 favour wanted! - T Lucas
Just had a similar prob with an MR-2,removed and flushed rad and replced thermostat runs perfectly again,this was a fresh import and i think had been topped up with tap water that eventually furred the rad.Correct coolant mix essential.
MX5 favour wanted! - Maz
Thanks to both of you for your kind responses.

Since the lack of water seems to be confined to the radiator, I think the thermostat is probably the magic word as there are apparently no clips missing.

I'll flush and replenish the coolant (yes I've seen the excellent thread on here about coolant) and, since it comes in at under a tenner, replace the thermostat at the weekend.

Again, many thanks.
Eunos your stuff - Maz
Just an update to thank you again and say she's running beautifully.
If anyone needs to do this on an MX5 and wants a couple of tips let me know, rather than me posting a load of gumpf.


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