Aerial problem - OAP
The radio aerial on my car is the very simple telescopic-on-the-wing type.

The problem is that at least one section will not pull out of the section beneath it. The aerial is therefore not fully extended...resulting in very poor reception of Radio Five.

Please can anyone suggest a means of getting WD40 or similar to free the jammed section...or any other means of making all section work like new?

Thanks in anticipation of replies.
Aerial problem - sean
I never found WD40 to be all that penetrating OAP.

I think you'll find the likes of Plusgas penetrating oil is much better.

I also think you're going to have to "go for it" as the youf says.

I suggest that you buy some Plusgas and dribble it down the aerial section immediately above the stuck one. Let it soak for 5 mins then reapply more. Leave it about 30 mins then return with a pair of mole grips.

This could now be called bodging, so you could omit the moles and use finger pressure. What you want to do is lower the section immediately above the stuck one, then rapidly raise it, so both come up, slide-hammer fashion. If you can't grip it with the plusgas on, you may need the moles.

If the worst happens you will either have an aerial that won't lower or a section will come off in your hand.

A new aerial's only a fiver, you know, but it's a pain removing wing liners to fit.

Let us know how you get on, mate.
Aerial problem - Dynamic Dave
Many suggestions mentioned in the following threads. eg, wd-40, silicone grease/spray, graphite, etc.

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