VW Passat Wiper arms - bertj
Some kind moron tried to tie the wipers on my 2001 Passat into knots. I managed to straighten them temporarily and ordered new arms and blades (£63 in total!). I'm assured that the supplied arms fit but I haven't put them on yet because there are no visible spline slots on the arms. The spindles that the arms fit onto are tapered with very fine splines. The VW dealer assures me that they are correct for the car and tells me that, when I tighten the nut that holds the arms on, the spindle will cut splines into the relatively soft metal of the tapered hole in the arm. This is how they are held securely.
The original arms were very tight and had spline slots in them. I've no way of knowing whether the arms originally had splines on them or they were cut when fitted.
I could try fitting them but if they don't fit they will be marked and the dealer won't take them back.
I would be very grateful for any advice.
VW Passat Wiper arms - Marcos{P}
Take it to the dealer and ask politely if he could fit them as you have no idea if they are the right ones. If they sold them to you they may fit them for nothing, my local M.B dealership would.
Might be worth a try.
VW Passat Wiper arms - bertj
Marcos - already asked them - 30 mins labour = £35 + VAT! I should have bought a Merc!
VW Passat Wiper arms - Dynamic Dave
I would say they are correct in what they are saying. The splines will press into the soft aluminium of the wiper arms.

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