Balancing Alloy Wheels - Andy P
Just recently, I noticed an increase in vibration throught the steering on my Accord. Inspection of one wheel showed that it had lost its balance weight. Had the front two rebalanced and the vibration has actually got worse.

Question: should balance weights be fixed on the outside of the rim (a la steel wheels) or on the inside (where they are now)?

Next question: what else can cause these symptoms other than out-of-balance road wheels

Final question: if the rear wheels are out of balance, will this still affect the steering.


Balancing Alloy Wheels - martint123
Some clever balancing machines can say if its the inside or outside (or both) of the wheel that is out of balance and thus weights go there. A lazy fitter will fit weights the same as normal wheels - i.e. clip-on outside - not nice treatment for alloys. Best is stick ons inside the rim out of the way - not always easy to get to when wheel is on balancing machine.

If rear wheels out of balance - yes, you can usually feel it through the seat of the pants and/or the steering wheel.
Balancing Alloy Wheels - sean
As already posted, ideally both inside and outside, depending on where the unbalanced mass is, it goes 180 degrees opposite.

Your Accord is front wheel drive, via 2 driveshafts each about 15" long. These shafts should be fitted with balancing rubbers, looking a bit like Metalastik bushes.

I've seen these come adrift and flail about on the shaft, causing exactly the symptoms you describe.

Heat bowed front brake discs can also cause imbalance, usually most felt when you're almost finished braking. Hold the steering wheel loosely and see if it shimmies.

Rear wheel imbalance doesn't affect steering and is usually felt as a drumming vibration through the thighs by a rear-seated passenger.
Balancing Alloy Wheels - none
Commercial vehicle tyres are balanced by tipping about half a litre of some sort of powder into the tyre. Apparently the powder settles into the right place after a few miles. I've seen it done and I know it works - but I don't know how. (neither did the tyre fitter)
Balancing Alloy Wheels - Andy P
Turns out that on the wheels I have (BK Racing 604, 6.5x15), the location of the balance weights is important. Had them balanced yesterday with the weights put on the outside between the spokes and everything is back to normal.



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