Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - paul45
I would be interested if anyone has come across this before.

Friend of mine who does a lot of scramble bike reading recently swapped his 2 year old VW Alahambra with trailer for Nissan 4x4 pick up to allow him to access some of the more inaccessible places he and the bikes go rather than scrape the sump, get towed out of a mess etc. in the VW.

So one phone call to insurance company later "sorry sir this is a commercial vehicle we don't insure them".

He was paying about £400 fully comp for the VW , he's rang around a few companies who state the same - "commercial vehicle sir" and are saying approx double that amount. The car was bought brand new from an import company but its value is less than the Alahambra. Its main use will be SD& P and to and from a permanent place of work. With of course weekend trips to muddy places.

Anybody heard of this before? and recognising that the farming fraternity use this type of vehicle a lot anybody know where he could find sensible insurance ?

Appreciate the help.
Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - DavidHM
Scramble bike reading? Sounds cerebral :-)

I guess it could depend on the vehicle but I think Tesco are pretty flexible as to what they'll insure.

No idea what the premium would be like though.
Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - frostbite
>>recognising that the farming fraternity use this type of vehicle a lot anybody know where he could find sensible insurance ?

I think there's a clue there! NFU Mutual AFAIK is not exclusively for farmers and may well be the answer.
Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - mark999
Liverpool Victoria have insured my vans for private use.
They also do not charge for mods eg chipping
Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - none
Churchill insured my last van as a private car, but insisted (in effect) that that no tools or anything connected with a trade be carried in it. I used to wonder that if I was involved in an accident and Churchill discovered that I was carrying a spanner or chest of drawers in the back of my van, would they be able to declare my insurance void.
Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - Wales Forester
CIS Insurance will also insure your van on a private motor policy as long as you can satisfy them that there will be absolutely no commercial use. They're quite competetive I'm told.

Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - Vansboy
Had this a few times, when a customer gets his first van.

try www.cvd-insurance.co.uk

this is Commercial Vehicle Direct, taken up by several of our customers.


Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - v8man
My wife recently bought a Skoda Felicia Fun pick-up, the bright yellow thing with the sliding bulkhead that reveals back seats, and it is classed as a pick-up. Norwich Union insured it as a commercial vehicle and it is cheaper than her Rover 214 that preceded it.
Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - Honestjohn
Thanks, vansboy. Have added to useful websites directory.

Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - paul45
Thanks to Everyone for the useful advice.

I'll post in a couple of days and let you know how he gets on.
Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - paul45

Sorry - long couple of days but I thought I would tell what happened. Friend finally gets insured with Gladiator - can't say I've heard of them before, however last week phone call to them saying "where's my policy documents as my cover note is about to run out?" Gladiator says "oh I'm sorry sir but we can no longer insure you but don't worry we've got in touch with Norwich Union and they will insure you and they are £25 less" Result thinks friend.
Day later friend on phone to Norwich union "where's my cover note". "Sorry" says Norwich union "we can't insure you for SD&P and to and from place of work - only SD&P???"
Phone call back to Gladiator "what's going on?" Gladiator "nothing we can do - have to terminate your insurance in 7 days because it is a commercial vehicle - but we'll refund your direct debits"
Friend cusses and swears at Gladiator but nothing he can do.
In the end calls Nissan - "no problem sir - we'll insure you" Price was within a few quid of original Gladiator policy.
Everyone lives happily ever after.

Moral of story? insurance companies can of course change the goalposts !!!

Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - Hugo {P}
Vansboy, HJ

I can vouch for these. My Renault Trafic is insured through them. They gave me an intro discount.

I had the same problem last Christmas when I decided to buy a 2.4t van for my own property renovations.

The people who insure my car (very competitively) wanted almost £1K TP&T! I have to say I was very disappointed in the complete lack of customer service on that occasion only.

CVD did it for £360, but I'm told I can get it cheaper than that!

Esure did not want to know FWIW.

A number of others were in the region of £450 to £550.

I was told that private insurance for commercial vehicles is a complete nightmare for insurers as there are so many crooks out there insuring their vehicles privately, then using them for commercial purposes. As builders etc will tell you, commercial vehicle insurance for commercial use is not cheap.

Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - sumang

Thanks for your Informations :) I have Bought Truck Insurance for my local truck in Bolton, i need to know, May i get insurance for 5 trucks one time? or i need to buy seperate truck insurances?


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Pick Up Insurance - commercial vehicle?? - badbusdriver

Not 100% sure if this is what you mean, but you can get insurance for a fleet of vehicles on one policy.


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