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Out of curiosity, do public service vehicles, such as police cars, ambulances etc, have to be taxed at the same rate as private vehicles, or do they get free tax discs?

Would strike me as daft us paying our council tax etc for these services, only for them to be taxed. Why not just give them free tax and cut out a level of administration? Is this already the case?
Public Service Vehicles - Road Duty - Dwight Van Driver
Sect 5 Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994.

No vehicle excise duty shall be charged in respect of a vehicle which is exempt.

Schedule 2 lists the exempt vehicles which include Police, Fire, Ambulance and Health Service Vehicles when used as such. You will probably find that they do display an Excise licence or Crown vehicle exempt white Licence.

Public Service Vehicles - Road Duty - pdc {P}
I asked because I am currently working in the same building that Bolton Police Station is in and pass the cars, marked and unmarked, on a daily basis and noticed that they seem to have standard tax discs. Maybe a closer inspection would reveal that the fund paid is £0?
Public Service Vehicles - Road Duty - pdc {P}
and if they are exempt, then why do they have to go to the time, trouble, and expense of displaying a tax disc with an expiry date. What happens if the disc is out of date? I wouldn't imagine legal action been taken, but what if a member of public complained?
Public Service Vehicles - Road Duty - Dwight Van Driver
I seem to recall that only Crown Vehicles are the only vehicles that do not display an RFL as we know it. Either non at all (WD vehicles) or the white Crown Ownership Licence PM's car?

So presumeably displaying an expired Free Licence then they are committing an offence of failing to display a current Licence.
Ask then will you if a Police Vehicle is off the road at the end of the Free Licence do they have to declare SORN?

Let me know how much they will want for your Bail.

Public Service Vehicles - Road Duty - pdc {P}
Isn't it great that everything in this country is so simple ;-)
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maybe the same as pre 1973 vehicles and / or that the DVLC computers cant cope with the idea of a vehicle which is registered but doesn't show on the VED system in some form
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Not sure about the the answer to your question but the taxation class of "Cess Pool Emptier" always makes me smirk on our DVLA database at work!
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to get tax disc will mean they have to show MOT right? So good check that remember to do. i am assuming they need an MOT though.
Public Service Vehicles - Road Duty - Dwight Van Driver

and somewhere in the vast legislation is a snippet that Police can MOT their own vehicles......or at least they used to do so many moons ago. Question was whether the Force had a Garage as such and a member of the black hand qualified to do so.

Public Service Vehicles - Road Duty - pdc {P}
Spotted a police van last night, at ASDA next to the Commonwealth Stadium in Manchester, without any disc on show!!
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It was mentioned in the current Car Mechanics auction page - WOMAC, lots of ex-plod cars (and mentioned as purveyors of good butties in HJ's page) that police cars didn't need MOT's, but they were sometimes MOT'd to make them more saleable.

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One of our best customers are vets.The vans they buy from us have to be re-classified as 'vetenary ambulances' & then get to display a disc £0.00.

Not sure if it still applies, but when the AA/RAC were considered to be 'Privete clubs'.Therefore their larger commercial vehicles, were classed as PLG.So the lower value, rate was applied.Saved a few £$£$£

Best of all, was when we bought a Metro from the MoD.It had a civillian registration & about 10 months tax on it.We wern't able to sell the car & tax, as it was a covert vehicle & not on DVLA computer, even though the disc was genuine, as far as we were concerned.So a new identity had to be created, by them.
& I thought the tax was a bonus, silly me!!

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Military cars and civilian type vehicles ie not tanks, bowsers, large trucks etc, are now leased and look like normal vehicles, with non-military plates and current tax discs. This is a security input as well. Vehicles privately owned by service personnel in Germany used to have a recognisable 'BFG' plate and for security reasons these were changed to normal UK type plates which which issued by a traffic office belonging to the UK military in Germany. They had a selection of rubber stamps so that tax discs appeared to be issued by an assortment of UK DVLA offices, and although they had the right sum of money on them they were issued free and our fuel was only 12p a litre too! And we got cars tax-free and then a 15% discount, wish I was back there most of the time!
Public Service Vehicles - Road Duty - pdc {P}
Well I reported it via email to GMP and I just almost had a heart attack when a Chief Inspector called. First thing that goes through your mind, guilt or not, is "What have I done". When he said he was calling with regards my email I felt really bad, almost like a naughty school boy being told off by the headmaster!

I even apologised!

He said not to, as it was an admin oversight, and I was right to because it could have had implications had someone who had been booked for a motoring offence spotted it.

I was really impressed that he had taken the time to call and explain to me.


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