Repairing bodywork - Mike200
I am looking at repairing a patch of the front left wing on a relatives car. It has rotted around the side repeater (a very small area). My method of repair is as follows:

1) Remove repeater, rub down surrounding area, remove all rot.
2) treat the hole with a rust preventative.
3) clean underside of wing, and glue on a plate of galvanised steel
4) Fill hole etc and then prime and spray
5) Seal the underside o the wing, redrill all holes and replace repeater.

Does tis sound about right? Can anyone give me any ideas as to what adhesive I should use for the galvanised plate?

Any info would be appreciated as I haven't done much of this before. Cheers.
Repairing bodywork - Dude - {P}
Used to be able to get a galvanised gauze (plate with holes in it) which you could then bond to the rear of your repair area with the fibre glass filler. When the filler is then applied from the front of the area, the whole repair should bond together securely, without the need for any glue. !!!
Repairing bodywork - RichardW
I used to find Chemical Metal made a reasonable job of this - the hardest part will be getting back of the wing clean enough to make it stick (and it will need roughing up otherwise it falls off). I think there are also specialist glues for sticking metal together on cars.

Trouble is, you will never cure it, and the rust will come back. If it's a bolt on wing it might be better to source another one from a scrapyard and get it painted to match.


Repairing bodywork - Mike200
The a is my grandfathers, ad he does not intend to be driving for too much longer, that is why we chose o repair it as outlined above.

The car is K reg Skoda Favorit, and the wing i bolted on, but apparently, it is also glued on, and apparently this is quite difficult to get off. I assume it would be some sort of Chemical Metal, any ides how to get this stuff off once its been applied, then a recovered wing might be an option.
Repairing bodywork - martint123
It could be 'seam sealer' rather than glue that holds the wing on - good stuff to keep moisture out of metal to metal joints.

I'd use contersunk pop rivets to hold the patch in place.


Repairing bodywork - Fullchat
I would cut out the worst, clean the back to bare metal patch bigger than the hole then cut a metal patch, stick it on with seam sealer. Let it dry and then seam seal around the rear edge to keep the water out. Prime and underseal the rear. Fill the front. Smooth paint and replace the light. A quality bodge job but it will do the buisness.


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