Insurance Help Please! - Blue {P}
Hi all,

We really need to get the Micra back on the road after transferring it's policy to the Z4. Does ayone know of an insurance company that will allow my mam to use her NCB twice?

Any suggestions appreciated thanx...

Insurance Help Please! - martint123
ISTR that Elephant has been mentioned as insuring two cars either on one policy or allowing 2nd NCD.

Mind you, bump one and you lose both.

Insurance Help Please! - Pugugly {P}
Royal Sun Alliance do it for us with the Mini and the Defender.
Insurance Help Please! - Dwight Van Driver
RSA wouldn't for me with the Escort and Disco but mind you I get special rates through N.A.R.P.O.

Insurance Help Please! - Hugo {P}

What most insurance companies will do is allow a 2nd car discount, provided they cn be satisfied you have a main car.

Try NIG, they did this for my Peugeot 309 (before it was written off).


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