Do you know where I could have an independent diagnostic battery performance check done on my Renault Zoe?

I have owned an electric Renault Zoe for three years new from Dec 2014. Recently the car had a 3 years service and MOT at AC and I asked for the traction battery to be tested. The battery test computer printout showed battery performance had fallen to 73% and I passed this result on to the battery leasing company. Renault Finance. They emailed me say that as battery performance had fallen below 75% the battery could be replaced and I should make arrangements for this and renew the leasing contract after expiry of present contract on 18th Jan 2018. Now the dealer has contacted me to say Renault Technical have said that because the 73% test result was from a computer the battery should be loaded with up to date software, run for 200 miles and retested. I have contacted Renault Finance to say I expect them to stand by their decision for the battery to be replaced and feel that Renault Technical should be checking AC's testing equipment and procedure before suggesting a second traction battery check. Do you know where I could have an independent diagnostic battery performance check done on my Zoe? I am situated in Warrington, Cheshire. It occurs to me that firms who service fork lift trucks must regularly check the same type of battery. Hoping you can advise.

Asked on 27 December 2017 by PETER ROBERT PRIESTNER

Answered by Honest John
Simply state to the leasing company that because the car was bought via the Renault dealer and because the car was tested on the dealer's equipment and found to be below the capacity for replacement, you DEMAND that the lessors replace it and if they don't you will take the matter of their collective breach of contract (battery lessor + dealer) to Small Claims.
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