towing a car - Rosanbo
Is it legal to tow a car, with a tow bar (note not a tow rope, solid tow bar), if the vehicle being towed:

1. Does not have road tax

2. Has road tax but no MOT

3. Has road tax & MOT But is not directly insured (i.e. the vehicle has no specific insurance policy but person behind the wheel has comprehensive insurance else where..)

4. Has no bonnet
4a). Has severe front end damage but steering is good, no bonnet, no bumper crushed front end. etc

5. Has no doors, no engine, no bonnet, crushed front end but steering is good?

Your 2p's worth are welcomed and thankyou.

towing a car - Pugugly {P}
Is it going to the scrappy - before I launch into an analasys ?
towing a car - Rosanbo

one scrappy about four miles away through some fairly quiet back country roads, the other scrappy if there is a problem with the first, is about 15 miles away through a small town and slightly more urban areas.
towing a car - Dwight Van Driver
Smart v Allan 1962 P.U. ?

- vehicle without gear box or with engine in such a state that no prospect of vehicle being made mobile (and no intention of owner to put it back on the road) is no longer a motor vehicle so
No Tax, No Insurance and No MOT.

Farewell trusted servant...

towing a car - Pugugly {P}
Sounds good to me, plus there is always the Final Journey sort of thing as well...I get the impression that there are a few cars
involved, why not hire a trailer and avoid any trouble with the law (or as the BBC have it these days "lawr")
towing a car - Rosanbo
What about keeping said vehicle on the road then if it has no tax or mot or insurance, and no gearbox and no engine?

If it is no longer a vehicle then can it be kept on the road legally?

Only one vehicle involved, I was just killing birds with one stone.
towing a car - Hugo {P}
Personally I wouldn't

A few years ago I was actually putting an engine and box into a car, which was taxed, MOT'ed and insured. The only problem is it was on the road whilst I was doing it.

I was approached by our local copper, who I actually later saw as a friend, who advised me that I was breaking the law by carrying out major repairs on a motor vehicle by the roadside, but would overlook it for another week.

I suspect that the police will regard it as a motor vehicle whether or not it has an engine etc and would take action accorningly.

If, however you were taking it to the scrappy with a towbar and were stopped, they may be more sympathetic and allow you to continue. At least from their point of view you're acting responsibly in disposing of a car that could otherwise become a public nuicance.

towing a car - Cliff Pope
Just out of interest, is the use of a tow bar here crucial, or would the position be the same if a rope were used? Or are ropes illegal?
towing a car - Hugo {P}
I think ropes are illegal.

towing a car - Dwight Van Driver

The short answer No - it would most probably be illegal as a 'Road' is a 'Highway' and Highways Authorities have a statutory duty to maintain Highways and remove obstructions ,which the object would become, to ensure a free flow of Traffic.

Because if we say it is no longer classed as a motor vehicle then proceedings can not be taken under Road Traffic Acts for obstruction/parking offences . However, Highways Act 1980, Sect 137 creates an offence of wilfully obstructing the free passage of the highway. A conviction under this can result, in
addition to a fine, an Order can be made compelling the removal of the obstruction. Without digging, then I suspect there will be other possible offences contrary to other Acts such as Litter Act , Public Health Act or even local Bye Law.


Whilst a rigid bar is better, then a rope or chain is not illegal providing the distance between vehicle and trailer is not more than 4.5metres and shall not exceed 1.5 metres unless said rope/chain is made clearly visible to any other person using the road within a reasonable distance from either side.
(RV(Con and Use)Regs 1986 Reg 86).



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