retro fit power steering - guzzler
I've got a mercedes 208 deisel van which has done almost 200,000 miles. It always starts on the button, hail, rain or snow, I've never had a problem with it, the trouble is that it doesn't have power steering.
That didn't bother me until recently, when I damaged my wrist in an accident.
My dilemma is this, should I replace something thats served me well and that I know and trust with something that is an unknown quantity?
Or have power steering fitted to my existing van.
I dont know if it can be done or how much it would cost, I would consider anything up to £1k to be money well spent if it was going to be a 'proper job' and not give me any trouble afterwards.
What do you think, am I being too sentimental about a 13 year old van?
Thaks, John
retro fit power steering - David Lacey
Possibly, yes, you are...

I think it will be more than £1K to convert, though..
retro fit power steering - Gen
How easy will depend on if this van ever had power steering on some models/as option. If had, may be not bad price.

But have you thought about just fixing one of those granny knobs on the wheel, only cost you a fiver and your one arm will be fine to turn it then!
retro fit power steering - guzzler
It is hard enough to turn the wheel with two good arms, particularly when parking, I've got into a lather a few times let me tell you, so I dont think the knob idea is going to help.

In fact I did fit one to the van just to see how it would work, its not a problem when driving but as I say, parking is extremely difficult. For the moment its parked up until my arm gets better but I'm just thinking ahead.
retro fit power steering - DavidHM
I hate to say it but if I were you I'd be looking to change for a newer model, either the same shape or possibly an early Sprinter that should be available for under £3k.

If your van is as good as you say it is, it should be worth nearly £1000 to someone who won't mind about the lack of PAS.

If you find a good one, you'll get an extra five or six years out of the Sprinter and PAS for a comparatively small premium over having the work done on your current van.


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