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When we arrive at our destination and turn off the car engine, if the passenger opens their door before the driver the horn gives three short but quite loud 'beeps'. I can only think this is a 'take your key' reminder perhaps for other countries who drive on the other side of the road.

As I understand it, it is illegal to sound the horn between certain times at night and should in any case only be used to say to other drivers or road users 'I am here'.

I believe that MG have a software update which cures this issue. Some dealers are offering this update free of charge but other are making a quite considerable charge for it.

Would I be in my rights to insist that the software is installed free of charge?

MG HS - Car horn going off - is this legal? - Cris_on_the_gas

This would be contravention of Construction & Use regulation 1986. The dealer should do the update on all their cars. Otherwise MG are committing the offence of use or cause permit contravention of said regulation. You the driver are also committing the offence.

If they don't play ball I would report MG to DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency)

MG HS - Car horn going off - is this legal? - Gerry Sanderson

That what is mentioned is not a horn but a 'beep' device to warn of a car application and as such not what Con and use ban in relation to a horn to warn people of driving ( Reg37)

Reg 37 (9)(a)- horn” means an instrument, not being a bell, gong or siren, capable of giving audible and sufficient warning of the approach or position of the vehicle to which it is fitted;

So no offence committed


MG HS - Car horn going off - is this legal? - gordonbennet

An annoying thing if you use the car in the dead of night, even little beeps can carry a long way in the quiet times.

Does this beep device also serve as the alarm siren?, if not and its only beeping as as door opening warning could you not gaffa tape the thing to shut it up, i've had to similarly deal with several annoying bongs and dongs thingummies over the years on mainly Swedish lorries.

MG HS - Car horn going off - is this legal? - _ORB_

The ZS had a similar thing. Just pull the key out of the ignition, (unless it is keyless!)

If I don't quite release the hand brake or swmbo doesn't put her searbelt on (rear passengers too or door tailgate or bonnet not closed. beeps like mad.

So before moving off check all seatbelts on, doors closed handbrake off, clutch in to start car.

The other suggestion is to ask your MG dealer, MGmotors being as useful as a chocolate teapot...

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My pal has a current shape Dacia Duster. He was telling me that when he walks to work, the keycard thing (on his keyring in his pocket) unlocks the car, switches the lights on and beeps (quite loud) as he passes it on the drive. Thing is, with his shifts (bus driver), this can be as early as 4am............ :-)

MG HS - Car horn going off - is this legal? - Senexdriver

In America - well, at least in Illinois where my son lives - all cars give a short toot of the horn when they are locked. Until I got used to it I found it very distracting, but I still find it a bit unnecessary. Is that where MG have got the idea from, in ignorance (surely not) of UK regulations regarding use of the horn?

MG HS - Car horn going off - is this legal? - crowncd

Thank you all for the replies.

Just to confirm that it is the external horn that makes the noise and not an internal 'beep', If you let a passenger out whilst not turning off the engine it is quite disturbing.

I feel that it must be an issue in the UK as MG have made available a software fix which eliminates the noise when the door is opened.

Just a bit 'miffed' I suppose that some dealers are offering the fix foc whilst others are charging. I have contacted DVSA and await their reply.


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