Squeak Squeak - puggydiesel
My 306 dturbo has developed a horrendous squeak that only appears for the first 5 miles or so every day from cold. Having had new brakes recently I blamed those but they have been refitted and copper greased etc, the noise still remains.

When accelerating the squeak dissappears and come back when declutching or free-wheeling, increasing or decreasing frequency in relation to the road speed not engine speed, pressing the brakes hs no effect it sounds the same.
Anyone got any ideas?, Im dreading yet another huge bill for my slightly unreliable 306.

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.
Squeak Squeak - Andrew-T
What happens on corners?
Squeak Squeak - puggydiesel
Contines to squeak when still in the 5 or so mile warm up, unless under acceleration, 'chirps' a little bit when cornering after warmed up.
Squeak Squeak - Aprilia
Very hard to diagnose without hearing it - could it be the CV joints?
Squeak Squeak - puggydiesel
It is a tricky one, I cant hear the clicking on full lock that you normally get with CV joints, but maybe this is a different kind of failure?, I was thinking maybe wheel bearings but then I always thought they rumbled when failing??.
Ive got it booked in to be looked at but thats not for a few days, and as I do some daft mileage was a bit worried about something failing when Im on the M'way etc.
Squeak Squeak - Malcolm_L
irritating things, noises that suddenly appear.

Try holding the brakes on very lightly when the noise is occuring, not enough to slow the car down but enough to eliminate any gap between the discs and pads.
If the noise disappears, it\'s likely to be disc/pad, does the noise occur on both front wheels or is it one side only?
When you said you had new brakes recently is that pads or pads/calipers? You might find that a hard brake from motorway speeds cuts through any glaze on the pads, however with new pads the problem is unlikely to be glazed pads.

Best of luck
Squeak Squeak - Drew20
hub bearings???
Squeak Squeak - Dizzy {P}
If the noise goes after 5 miles, it sounds as though it might involve something to do with a part of the brake system that warms up and expands in that distance.

Perhaps the noise disappears when accelerating and returns when off-load due to the small change in wheel splay forces -- again perhaps pointing towards the brakes, though could be other parts as has been mentioned.

Could one of dust shields behind the brake discs have been slightly bent during the brake work so that it rubs on the disc under certain conditions? Unlikely I know, but straws are being clutched at!
Squeak Squeak - puggydiesel
Thanks for your responses everyone, just got it back from the pug dealers, it was the nearside driveshaft, not sure which joint, they oiled/packed with grease and say it should be ok from now on, may need new driveshaft in the future.

Pretty happy with that only cost an hours labour much to my relief, and have to say that this particular main dealer is probably the most helpful and efficient garage I have ever encountered. Am now considering new car purchase and they will be the first port of call.


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