Punto Sporting head gasket - Johnny20
I\'ve heard complaints of Punto head gasket failure on this site and noticed that they have mainly been the 8v 55 and 75 engines.

Does anyone know if the 1.2 16v thats in the original Punto Sporting model suffers from the same problem as the 8v engines??

Punto Sporting head gasket - David Lacey
Don't know myself Jamie but it might be worth checking out the car by car breakdown guide on the left
Punto Sporting head gasket - Big John
I still think that Punto head gasket failures are related to badly done coolant changes, getting the air out of the system is difficult due to the position of the bleed vlaves, thermostat and filler/expansion tank. This can then cause upper engine overheating either due to trapped air or low coolant level/capacity. Note how many people complain of this shortly after a service!!

Some Peugeots seem to be prone to this as well.
Punto Sporting head gasket - Vagelis
A friend of mine had to leave his Punto Sporting in the garage for a couple of days to fix the exact same problem (change the head gasket), which is pretty common, as they told him.
Punto Sporting head gasket - Johnny20
Fair enough! I am trying to persuade a mate of mine not to get one as it won't last 2 minutes with his driving!



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