tyre noise - foxsilver
having just purchased a bmw 318i se w reg i am dissapointed by excessive road noise, more like a roar really, i have 195/65/15 dunlop sports fitted, is there a problem with this particular tyre or can someone suggust an alternative that is quiet running
tyre noise - martin
see other threads, but you could have bearing probs or general alignment issues. I have a similar roar with my Passat at present.
tyre noise - jc
I have always found Goodyears quieter on my cars than Firestone(Bridgstone).
tyre noise - foxsilver
Thanks martin, the tracking is slightly out on the car but i have not experienced anything like the noise i am getting on this car on anything else ive ever driven. It may well be the bearings, hadn't thought of that, cheers.
tyre noise - Cyd
can you clarify exactly which tyres you've got?
tyre noise - Rudedog
I have Continental 195/65 on my Golf, they are very sensitive to different road surfaces and weather conditions. Also the noise seems to lessen after a 1000 miles of wear from new. Have you had the brake discs changed? this can upset the balancing of the wheels as most cars have the wheels balanced on the car when they leave the factory.
tyre noise - Cyd
.....most cars have the wheels balanced on the car when they leave the factory....

where did you get that from?? Care to be more specific?
tyre noise - David Lacey
Dunlop Sports were always considered a quiet running tyre by a customer of mine some time aga on his Rover 827/825; they seem fairly good on my A4 too.

I suggest you get a second opinion first (does that sound right??) before you potentially waste money. Try and get a BMW employee to road test it and give his/her opinion.

What car did you have before, incidentally?
tyre noise - Pat L

I have now replaced all four original Dunlops on my Audi A4 with Pirelli P6000 and there's much less tyre noise - very noticeable. Grip seems good but then I don't drive on two wheels and so can't really comment on their ability in this respect. The fronts have now done approx 12,000 miles and seem to have plenty of wear left in them. Rears only put on two weeks ago.


tyre noise - howy686
Surprised you've got such a problem with 65 series tyres - maybe it's a trait of that particular model. You would expect more harshness with shorter sidewalls such as 45 & 50 series sizes because the transmission path to the car structure is stiffer.
Chances are that, if you find a 'quieter' tyre, you will loose out on handling or steering precision - if that bothers you.
Even new models can have problems - heard it on the grapevine that the Swedish press report horrendous road noise, on the all-new Toyota Avensis, on their very course road surfaces - seems it's the only place in the solar system where Toyota didn't check the car.
tyre noise - foxsilver
The tyres are 195 65r 15 91H Dunlop Sports*E Treadwear 200, Traction A, Temp A, I have been driving a Renault Laguna 2.2tdi which also has the same tyres fitted, but is 100% quieter than the BM, ( yes I know it should be the other way round thats why i'am asking) I have been advised to fit pirelli P6000 or michelin energys but it's an expensive way around the problem, especially as there are no guarantees that it will work.
tyre noise - RogerL
Don't expect Michelin Energy to be quiet. The ones I had on my Astra were the noisiest tyres I've ever had, bar none. They didn't last very long either, but Michelin have finally recognised this and changed the compound.
tyre noise - foxsilver
As an addendum, this car has only 20000 miles on the clock, I cannot tell if the discs have been changed or not, but the noise from the tyres is really deafening, the pitch changes with the road surface. It came from a private sale not a dealer, its history is correct. regards ray
tyre noise - Aprilia
I get to drive quite a lot of new cars in the course of my work. I don't find the BMW 3-series to be particularly quiet as regards road noise. I did about 200 miles in a new 320i a couple of weeks back and I remember thinking what a lot of road noise there was. The new Vectra is a lot quieter, for example.
I would try driving another 3-series fitted with different tyres before you waste your money on a new set for your own car.
tyre noise - GTLK
I had a Honda Accord 4WS using Dunlops several years ago and the noise was dreadful. I wrote to LJK Setright, the great writer from Car magazine. He suggested I try Avons or Yokohamas. I tried some Avons and the difference was amazing. The noise dropped by a huge amount and the ride improved as well. When they wore out, I tried Yokohamas, and they were also good, but not as good as the Avons.
tyre noise - Wooster
I've come accross people saying 'Continentals were very quiet on my Golf' and 'Dunlops were very quiet on my Mercedes', and so on. Now you are saying 'Avons are quiet on my Honda'. Can we create a list somehow, where you can look up your car in one column, and see what other drivers think is a quiet tyre for it? I know it would be very subjective, but it would be better than nothing. Any thoughts?
tyre noise - foxsilver
After posting the original thread about tyre noise on my 318i I've done a bit of research and driven my local garages BMW's and to be honest they ALL sound as bad, they were all fitted with 195/65/15 of various makes, the handbook says that 205/60/15 can also be used anyone have any experiance with these?

Perhaps I was expecting too much, but i have driven Audis, fords, toyota, vaxhalls etc, etc, even a skoda and none have been as noisey as the 3 series, (maybe a case of the emperor' new clothes)
tyre noise - walp
I also have this problem with a Ford Focus with Pirelli P6000 tyres 195/55/15. On smooth surfaces - no problem, but on course surfaces - which most are around here, the tyre roar is deafening. Although car only 9 months old I,d change these tyres now if I new of a quieter alternative.


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