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Hi guys new member her

I am just after some opinions of what you think my Insurance company is probably going to do to my car.

The backstory:
I parked my car at work which is tesco and they have signs which say the don't accept liability which is fine. Between 8am and 12pm my car got damaged although the third party went and spoke to the security guys instore and left me a note with their details and signed for accepting full responsibility of the damage. The damage in total was 2 hard plastic bollards took out, a dent to my passenger side door and a cracked bumper and a knocking sound from somewhere behind the wheel even though the wing is fine apart from some minor scratches.

Because of the damage to my car and the age of the car which is a 62 plate fiesta 1.4 tdci zetec do you think they will replace the parts or call it a write off?

Thanks for your reply.

Ford Fiesta - First car claim need some help - A Driver since 1988, HGV 2006

You can never predict what the insurance companies will say, but from your description it sounds like only superficial damage, The knocking sound would be a concern simply because if it is knocking against the tyre you might get a blow out, but it could just as much be a loose panel in the wheel arch where the nut holding it has come out.

I would get it looked at and do an estimate on the job making sure the garage knows not to do any work unless they get the go ahead from you first, then compare that to the value the insurance company has placed on the car..

There are in fact 3/4 categories of write off, some of which you can still get money from the insurance and continue to drive, below is the rac info about this, scroll down to the bottom if you want to get to the important info.

I would suggest that the 3rd party went to see if the CCTV was working or covered that area, and if he said yes then perhaps the other party felt there was video evidence and as such had no choice but to admit liability, maybe.

" Cat N classification encompasses all non-structural damage, such as lights, infotainment and heated seats. As with Cat S cars, Cat N vehicles can be put back on the road, however, unlike Cat S cars, there is no need to re-register it with the DVLA – though you will still need to inform them your car has been written-off.

In effect, Cat N and Cat S replace the old Cat D and Cat C categories respectively, albeit with modifications to their remits.

What does Cat S and Cat N damage mean?

Updating the write-off categories means that buyers looking at vehicles which have been in a major accident will get a better idea of the type of damage sustained. What’s more, the registration certificate – the V5C – will now to be marked with an ‘S’ to signify the car has been salvaged so buyers will be better alerted to cars with a write-off history." Pasted from

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Ford Fiesta - First car claim need some help - Jamma34

Tha is for your reply a driver it did look more superficial and I did pop into my local ford dealer just to see what the prices were for the parts and they said it would cost between £1000 and £1500 to replace both parts and labour obviously the insurance approved repair centre will get the parts at trade prices but after looking around on autotrader for a similar mileage and age it seems like it's nearly 50% of the value

Ford Fiesta - First car claim need some help - A Driver since 1988, HGV 2006

Then I would suggest the insurance company would deem it as beyond economical value and give it the lowest write off rating.

Which if that is so means you will get scrap value but can continue to drive it providing it is safe to drive, so I would ask the insurance company about the category if they decide to not repair it.

I am sorry but the insurance company use their own body repair company, and they are a lot more expensive then doing it through a garage of your own choice, when I claimed on my insurance I tried to get to use a cheaper garage but they said they would not cover the cost if i did not use the garage of their choice.

But they would happy to let me do it if I did not make a claim.

Also be aware that if they say it is beyond economical repair ( a write off ) then that may affect your insurance, mine was given that rating and I continued to drive it, a garage told me it was still safe to drive, I got into an argument with the insurance, telling them that the brakes worked, the steering was good, electrics etc. It made no difference to them, the car was still good a year later. I told them it is not a write off if it is still perfectly drive able, body panels are expensive mate which the insurance company will only get from the main dealer, and will not accept parts from anywhere else, not even euro parts.

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