vauxhall warranty - t.g.webb
The Vauxhall 3-year warranty seems to be different from what you might expect. My 18 month old Zafira was diagnosed with no refrigerant in the aircon, no leaks could be found and I ended up with an £80 bill after recharging the system. Some 3-year warranty.

BTW GM advertising in the US seems now to be conceding that their earlier cars weren't as reliable as they should have been but that they have improved significantly since. Comment?
vauxhall warranty - John S

What were their grounds for refusing the claim? Assuming you'd been using the aircon regularly, surely loss of refrigerant = a leak?


John S
vauxhall warranty - Aprilia
Last year a colleague bought a new Astra (it was the top spec. can't remember the designation). At the first annual service they hit him with a £100 regas and leak test charge because the aircon wasn't cooling sufficiently. No leaks were found. Perhaps it wasn't properly gassed at the factory?
vauxhall warranty - Chris M
Had my 2 year old Vectra regased at the weekend as it wasn't cooling as well as it should. Local mobile chap did it for £57.50. It was down by nearly 50% with no apparent leaks. He said it is common for cars to leave the factory without a full fill. Not just Vauxhalls, VW have apparently issued written notices about it to dealers.

Chris M

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