Cycle Carrying Idiots - M Smith
I just love the idiots who drive cars with about four cycles tied on the back. With all these cycles wheels staggered they do a wonderful job of obscuring all rear lights. Regulations lay down the size and position of these lights only for them to be covered up by cycle wheels. It is even worse at night with rear light more or less totally covered and all that can be seen is a red glow. Also rear number plates cannot be read. I have seen at least a dozen of these idiots in the past fortnight, now if I can see them why do not the police see and stop and charge them because what they are doing is dangerous activity. A few hefty fines would soon put paid to these stupid people. Cycle carriers should be banned unless fitted with a proper tow board with regulation number plate and lights attached to the outside of the cycles and fitted with a proper trailer electrical connection.
Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - Mark (Brazil)
>>Also rear number plates cannot be read.

oh dear, I have a vague feeling I know what comment will come next.
Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - bogush

Knew it.

All those speeding motorists were really cyclists all along !
Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - Ian Cook
I think of equal concern is the physical security of these racks. Travelling back from Exeter last year on the M5 and came across a rack lying in the centre carriageway complete with 3 bikes. I missed it, but I don't know about the blokes behind me. A few hundred yards up the motorway was the hapless owner standing on the hard shoulder, scratching his head - oops!
Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - D J Woollard
There is justice. Chap I know who went on hols with the usual assortment of cycles on the rack. Stops to break the journey on the way. On slamming the hatch down a pedal went through the back window. Much annoyance waiting for the glass to be replaced etc.

Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - Andy Bairsto
I think the law says that you must fit a seperate light and number plate board.But I suppose if the police were to stop to many people it would be harasment towards cyclists.I carry my bikes on the front of my caravan on a properly designed rack not on the back which is stupid .
Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - jonbenj
I usedto sell these, and I was always concerned,

A: That the rack in question was a good fit on the vehicle concerned,

B: That the punter concerned was capable of tensioning the straps correctly (Not being sexist but some women couldn't.).

Most of these Racks "hang" from the top 2 straps, but the bottom, and to a lesser extent side straps MUST be adequately tensioned. I refused to sell them on a few occasions, particularly where the car concerned had a flexible plastic overbumper, with no obvious metalwork available to offer a decent anchorage.

As far as the no. plates and lights are concerned, of course fitting a full trailerboard IS a good idea, but IMHO only required if the lights and plates are obscured. With lots of cars it is possible to mount the rack a bit higher to remove this problem: also eliminates the danger of hot exhaust gasses accidently melting a bike tyre. The police DO take action. One weekend a few years back, Perth & Taysides' finest blitzed one of the car parks near Braemar. Fixed penalty fine vs Trailerboard?

Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - Stuart B
"Fixed penalty fine vs Trailerboard?"

Now thats a good idea, fill traffic cars with trailer boards for sale.

FPN or buy a trailerboard, together with a voucher for the electrics sorting at various local places. Now that is a money making exercise.

FAO Chief Constable ************shire Constabulary,

Dear Sir,
I have an idea.....................

Wonder if I can have a % commission.
Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - honest john
A Ferrari 550 Maranello overtook me the other day on the M3. He must have been doing at least 160. But what was interesting about this car was the toddler bike, complete with steady wheels, neatly fixed on a purpose built carrier directly over the rear number plate.

Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - fecker
Good work Ferrari driving fella!
Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - Flyswatter
That Ferrari driver was a complete idiot driving at that speed it's not clever
Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - fecker
But he had stabilisers - perfectly safe.......
Re: Cycle Carrying Idiots - honest john
172 in a 550 Maranello felt perfectly safe to me, but very quick. It wasn't on a public road, mind you.


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