Fiesta clutch - smokie
Have recently given daughter the wife's old Fiesta Azura (M Reg). Daughter is complaining of a problem which we've had at least thrice before, and I wondered of anyone here has any ideas.

When you release the clutch there is a twang noise (like a spring, but more plasticky) and the clutch appears to "catch" on something momentarily.

I wondered if the mat had ridden up behind the pedal, which it had, but moving it made no difference.

"My little man" has "fixed" it twice, so have the Ford dealers (once). I think it's a cheap plastic part that they replace. But it seems to go again shortly afterwards.

The only other thing I noticed was a little "travel" on the clutch - when you start to press it, there is no resistance for teh first little bit - but I think all cars are like that, aren't they?

The car is a low miler. Has anyone come across this, if so is it an easy fix for an incompetent and what parts would I need?
Fiesta clutch - Pete F
This sounds like the auto adjust ratchet on the clutch pedal. A constant problem! So long as it does not slip and the twang/catching is not too severe then I should try putting up with it. It may improve after a while as the clutch wears and moves the adjuster to a different position.

The only thing you can do with it is replace again I think, unless somebody has come up with a mod for it. A thought that just occurred was that you could put a spacer on the clutch cable at gearbox end. This would move the adjuster to a different position and may help.
Fiesta clutch - smokie
That's reassuring, thanks. It isn't severe, but daughter (being a new driver) was concerned it was serious.

I'll mention to my "little man" about putting a spacer in next time he has it in - I don't think I'm capable of that!
Fiesta clutch - none
These adjusters do click now and then during normal 'self adjustment'. It's annoying and if the mechanism isn't badly worn a spacer can be fitted. It needs to be at least three quarters of an inch thick - this enables the three or four teeth on the pawl to engage on 'new teeth' on the quadrant / ratchet.
It must be said that this is only a temporary repair. A badly worn adjuster can allow the clutch to engage suddenly with the pedal fully depressed.
Fiesta clutch - smokie
Daughter is reporting that this is now becoming an irritating problem. I've woken up this morning feeling ambitious, and, as usual, reading Haynes I feel confident to give it a go myself. So, can someone advise:

1) Which parts do I need to go and buy? Both sides of the adjustment mechanism? (- given that this problem keeps returning)

2) Would a new clutch cable as well be of any benefit

3) Haynes talks about removing the pedal to do this job, is that necessary?

4) Any special tools or things to watch out for?

All help gratefully appreciated!!
Fiesta clutch - none
It's a very fiddly job. The pedal must be removed. Unless you're very flexible and thin, remove the drivers seat as well.
Fiesta clutch - smokie
Hmm, I'm neither flexible nor thin. Maybe it's a job for Dougie then.

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