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Shell Pluspoints (Correctly Reposted) - MMJ
Not totally relevant here, but as good a place as any to ask this!

I have used my shell pluspoints card on 2 occasions this month, yet the balance on the card is still zero, over 48 hours after the second use.

I have now received a second pluspoints card in my name (this time without the hyphen) and the balance on this card is zero too.

Also, the mountain of smart points I got on taking out (and using) a Shell Visa card, which should have been converted to pluspoints have also disappeared.

Of, course, ringing shell pluspoints just gives you an engaged tone!

Has anyone here had any pluspoints added to their shell account and/or smart points converted?

It makes me want to go to Sainsbury's for petrol. Less convenient, but at least reliable!

Writing this as an Air Miles collector, but more people may read this board. Posted on Air Miles Board too btw.

Re: Shell Pluspoints (Correctly Reposted) - Mark (Brazil)
I have no idea, but here's an e-mail address which may help you..

Also a URL...(copy & paste it to your browser),4011,23884-67975,0...l

(Amazingly enough, despite the fact that I am in Brazil and therefore have nothing interesting to say, I actually work in Shell's LA HQ building)


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