The new micra - sombrueil
Everywhere i look all i seem to be seeing is the new Micra, is this car taking the place of the Ford fiesta, as i do not seem to see that many new style fiestas around, but this new car seems to be selling like hot cakes. No faults yet.
The new micra - Obsolete
Cute face. Odd bum. The car that is! Seriously I think the back end is rather ugly. Sort of like a taxi. Lets down the nice frog like front.
The new micra - Shortwing Rob
Much funkier interior than the Fiesta, but it is mighty small.

(I thought Leif was talking about my ex-wife for a moment.)

The new micra - J Bonington Jagworth
I think the whole design is pretty funky. A bit startling, I grant you, but it's amazing how quickly we get used to these things, and I take my hat off to any large manufacturer brave enough to risk something a bit different. Does anyone know who designed it?
The new micra - teabelly
The face looks like a frog that is having a nasty surprise to me. I couldn't possibly be seen in a car with such a startled expression!
The new micra - Another John H
Perhaps you're seeing more Micras because they stand out like the proverbial..
The new micra - NorthernKev {P}
Fiestas do blend in very well, they're annonymous [ie. bland]. Micras unfortunately are ugly, so everyone notices them.

I've seen more Fiestas though, as I tend to spot most cars going round. Do you see more Corsas or Fiestas? Apparantly Corsas are selling quicker? [Well, more are being sold...]

Not seen many Polos thinking about it.

The new micra - dave18
I kinda like it - drives well, decent interior, nice snappy gearchange. (Grandparents have one - personally I thought the styling was for younger people!) The Fiesta isn't very 'different' is it? Just run of the mill and in 10 years it'll be broken when the Micra is still near faultless.
The new micra - Richard Turpin
Various references to a frog. Surely it looks like a TOAD, front and back. And the last one was so cuddly. Mr Toyota, you have made a mistake, just like BMW.
The new micra - sean
The average age of the purchasers of the Micra bubble was 57.

If the new one is now funky, Nissan have done a better job with 57 than HJ Heinz and the beans.

Selling like hot cakes, furry zip-up booties, Horlicks and incontinence pads more like.
The new micra - Blue {P}
Having been in a new Micra on the A1 yesterday, I have to say that it was one of the BEST small cars I've ever been in.

Smooth, powerful, exccellent road holding, much like a bigger car than any small car I've ever been in, and *very* quiet... until it broke down that was, then it got a bit rackety... :-)

Otherwise I think it's a great car, so long as you don't have to look at the outside...

The new micra - Pugugly {P}
It occured to me that there were a lot around.Next time take note of the driver demographics though....
The new micra - sombrueil
Well looking at todays auction page, they are starting coming up cheap, just over 7 grand.
The new micra - dave18
Fords of Winsford recently had some absolute base 1.0's for £5299 or thereabouts.
The new micra - Keith S
Surely thats for the old model?
The new micra - dave18
No, they definately had some at that price. They are similar to most other supermarkets but from time to time get a batch of a new model from dealers that have over ordered. This was the case with my gran's Clio when the new model had just come out - £7000ish for their model, Renault's list at the time £8500.
The new micra - DavidHM
The £7800 or whatever was asked as a starting bid was frankly ridiculous. Price in any margin at all and the dealer would make literally nothing if he charged the likely discounted transaction price on a new one.

£7100 or whatever doesn't strike me as too bad as it would probably have to be priced at £7995 to sell. London Nissan dealers are doing 03 registered facelifted Almeras for £6499 by the way (!)

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