Modern styling ? - volvoman
I must be getting old or something but in the past most new model launches or facelifts represented an improvement aesthetically so far as I'm concerned. True, there was often lots of room for improvement and things have changed a lot with respect to design techniques however I look at most new cars now and usually find I prefer the styling of the older models. Is it just me getting old and boring or do others share my views ?
Modern styling ? - frostbite
Exactly my thoughts earlier today. To be honest, there are not now many models I can identify because I find many so tedious.

Particularly dislike the many that are 'chopped off' at the rear end - look like someone has started designing a light van and changed their mind.
Modern styling ? - volvoman
Ahh so it's not just me then !

Of course this is all subjective but if we take the Ford range, I can't think of a single model I like the styling of - the current Mondeo is the best looking of a pretty poor bunch and the new version I saw today isn't an improvement IMO.

Not criticising anyone's particular taste - just seeing what people think of the current trend in design.
Modern styling ? - TrevP
Would you settle for "old and boring"?

- from a fellow BOF.
Modern styling ? - Primera_p
Were you unfortunate enough to catch Top Gear on Sunday?

What on earth was the RR designer thinking of with those headlights??

I liked the small rectangular ones but why did they stick those circular ones as well. Did the designer work for Subura before?

IMO it looked ridiculous!
Modern styling ? - Maz
Just about all the car companies (yes, all 4 of them) use the same computer system for design, and have various rules and regulations which must be met Europe wide.

The last series of TopGear pointed out that the beautiful DB7 windscreen was too steeply raked for current pedestrian crash safety.

What you can't do anymore is design a car to look good but compromise other factors, so most cars don't look good. If that leads to a world where we all drive MPVs that look like toasters, so be it. At least we'll die safe in our beds.
Modern styling ? - Altea Ego
Yes all car companies use the same CAD systems. Put the requirements in (4 people, xx cubic feet of luggage, xx wheelbase, drag factor of less than xx etc etc) and is it any suprise that the computer coughs up the same answers.

HOWEVER some have been brave

Ford - Roundly ridiculed for the Sierra - looks ok to our eyes now, Scorpio - Ugly disaster, Focus accused by some for its sharp edge theme - not mentioned now - its a company look and doing ok.

FIAT - Multipla, there was the design and rule book thrown out the window - works? who knows

Renault, Createur d\' Automobiles, the new Megane with its back end, Avantime, Vel satis, new Espace. All very different looking beasts from the norm. And the Laguna - a thing of some beauty.

Applaud the brave manufacturers for trying I say.

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