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Help please. I'm on the verge of buying a new Fiat Multipla - child No.4 en route August 03 - as it's the only model with sufficient luggage space when all seats used (particularly when the rear three seats are moved forward). Also, I actually like it's quirky looks and the JTD ELX comes well kitted out.
The only 'nagging doubt' is it's build quality and reliability (Fiat). I've always gone for cars that will last you into double figure years - currently drive a Volvo and Honda Jazz (fantastic small car). I thought I'd checked out all there was in the MPV market (6 seats and above) until somebody in work today mentioned a 3 year old Honda Shuttle. I'd be talking between £9k-10k for a W reg with FSH in the 2.3 LS model, which is well inside my budget. I know it's a group 15 insurance and I suspect it drinks the juice a fair bit more than the Multipla Diesel, but as we'll be doing no more than 8k a year, then I don't see this as an issue. However my local Honda dealer hasn't got any and they're pretty scarce in the private press so I can't even go and check one out! My real issue is with luggage space - with only six seats used in the LS, is there sufficient room for a pushchair and several bags for instance with one of the rear seats down? We like to go away quite often so a reasonable amount of space is paramount. Does anyone out there own one? If so would you recommend it? Was the space sufficient for your needs? I would be grateful for any advice.
Many thanks
Honda Shuttle? - Cardew
Have you read the Car-by-Car breakdown on this site? It gets a good write-up.
Honda Shuttle? - TrevP
I have a friend who has one.

You say "with only six seats used in the LS" - there are only 6 seats.

The 3rd row of seats is a bench which folds into the boot floor.

Minimal boot space with that occupied.

I believe they are all auto.
Honda Shuttle? - Risky
Thanks to you both for the suspected the boot space is minimal....Fiat here I come!
Honda Shuttle? - TrevP
Sorry - should have asked him BEFORE replying.

HIS has 6 seats. They do a 7 - that probably means a bench instead of the very comfy "aircraft" seats in 2nd "row".

But the important bit - problems? what problems?
Honda Shuttle? - Dogbreath
I have a Shuttle and love - its a blast to drive. The rear seats fold into the floor which is great (no lifting out). The boot is ok with 6/7 in the car and huge with 4/5.

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