MOT test - should have failed - AndyLucas881
MOT Saturday just gone. I knew the car would it would fail -left rear fog light bulb was blown. I advised the garage and asked them to change it for me - which they said they would.

I recieved a call Saturday pm saying the car had passed bar the emissions test, not failed, the machine was not working.

Got the car back on saturday evening and arranged a time for today (Monday) to complete the test - bit annoying but hey these things happen I guess.

Since then I have checked the bulb and they have not replaced it, as according to them the car has passed in all areas apart from emissions I'm going to query it with them tonight. I'm a little concerened I have stumbled accross a dodgy garage (I'm new to the area) I don't view the MOT as something to 'just get the car through' as I believe it is an important part of ensuring vehicle safety and whilst I don't believe my vehicle to be unsafe I don't have full confidence they have thoroughly checked the vehicle.

I realise they could just have 'missed' an non-operational bulb (which is not so good in itself)but on the other hand they may not have even bothered checking.

I'll update tommorow but just wondering if anyone had any similar experinces/advice in the meantime.
MOT test - should have failed - Richard Hall
Many cars only have one rear fog lamp, located on the right. The light cluster on the left side will have a lens for a fog lamp, to save the manufacturers from having to tool up different tail lights for left and right hand drive markets. Unless the MOT tester had an encyclopaedic knowledge of car lighting arrangements, provided the right rear fog lamp worked he'd be happy. Since the left rear fog lamp isn't a legal requirement, I'm not sure it's even an MOT failure point to have it not working, provided the legally compulsory right rear foglamp works.

Richard Hall
MOT test - should have failed - AndyLucas881
The car certainly has two bulbs installed I take your point re the legal requirment. I'll certainly as the question tonight.
MOT test - should have failed - frostbite
Another explanation which springs to mind is that the bulb has not actually failed, but the earth has gone intermittent and it worked at the time of the test.
MOT test - should have failed - John S

I believe you are right. My BMW has two rear foglamp lenses and a bulb holder and bulb in each. Both bulbs are OK. Only the offside one works though. This appears to be by design, leaving the maker the option of activating just the appropriate lamp for the left and right hand drive markets. It's passed the last two MOTs like this, as only on o/s foglamp is the legal requirement.


John S
MOT test - should have failed - Dynamic Dave
Taken from

"The inspection of rear fog lamps is confined to the one rear fog lamp which is required to be fitted to the centre or offside of vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1980."

So what others have said is correct. As long as the offside one is working, it is an MOT pass.
MOT test - should have failed - AndyLucas881
Thanks for your help guys.....I'm off the 'complete' the test in half an hour.



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