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106 ?relay switch? - Marky P
When I brake in my 106 the front lights/dash illuminate..Is this a relay switch problem,how do I find it /sort this out?or is it a garage job? cheers in advance for any advice
Bad earth mate - David Lacey
This problem is caused by a bad earth connection on one of the exterior lamps. Check all wiring connections carefully. Be sure to check both front and rear lamps - the fault will be there somewhere. Have the stop lamp bulb(s) been replaced with the wrong bulb? I've seen this many a time especially with Rover 600's


Re: Bad earth mate - Andrew Hamilton
Nine times out of ten I find corrosion problems with lights. Water gets in and oxidises bulb contacts and eats through PCM conduct strips. I find white powder on bulb contacts and green on the PCM copper.
When I buy a old care I always take covers of lights, clean contacts with brasso and spray with WD40. Replace exterior screws with some grease to seal. Never get any problems after. Wish previous owners bothered....
Re: Bad earth mate - Brian
Basically this tends to be a design fault where light units are made to look good without regard for the fact that they
1. are an essential safety item
2. needs to operate reliably when exposed to the weather

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