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What is the most comfortable car? - RE
What is the most comfortable car? Forgetting all other factors. Also, how is the comfort of a car affected by age/miles. Suspension can be replaced, but can you replace for instance the seats of an ageing jag so that it is once again top for comfort?
What is the most comfortable car? - DavidHM
Most people would probably say a Saab.

My Renault 19 is pretty good too, for a 14-year-old car. It has soft velour seats with lumbar support and after several hours behind the wheel, it is never tiring. Whatever its other faults (and having fixed the latest one, there'll be another one along in a minute) it is an extremely comfortable place to be.
What is the most comfortable car? - CM
Rolls Royce I went in was a lot more comfy than my mum's old Saab 900i (the pre-Vectra one)
What is the most comfortable car? - P.Mason {P}
The most comfortable car I've owned,(for both ride quality and seat comfort) was a Renault 4.
What is the most comfortable car? - RE
I must admit the old Rolls I rode in at my wedding was supremely comfortable. I fell asleep within 10 seconds! Of course it may have also had something to do with the after-effects of the stress of the ceremony. In my original posting I had meant to emphasise driving comfort, because I suspect that it is much easier to get comfortable as a passenger.
What is the most comfortable car? - glowplug
I've been in a few cars including Citroens but up to now my 405 seems best. However I liked the ride in a very comfy 604.

What is the most comfortable car? - Gazza
Lexus LS400. Feels like you are not attached to anything, the ride was so smooth. I also could not believe how quiet it was.

The feeling of any control (steering, brakes, throttle, suspension, etc.) not connected to anything was bad when I took the M11 to M25 slip road at 70. Oops!
What is the most comfortable car? - Cliff Pope
The most comfortable car I have ever ridden in (not driven) was a vast American sedan, never knew the make, in 1966. I had hitched a lift in the dark from an American serviceman in Germany. His car was absolutely out of this world. There was no sensation of actually riding along the road at all, nor really of being on the earth even. The car seemed just to float, and the world moved past outside.
It had about 9 seats, vast, soft, with yards of leg room. Everything was electrically adjustable.
What is the most comfortable car? - sean
Never heard any complaints from hearse backsection passengers!!

No, I'd say Renaults. They have long travel suspension to cope with ploughed fields, armchair seats and generally plush trim.
What is the most comfortable car? - Morris Ox
Over a long journey, and over a high mileage, a Volvo V70.

But running it a very close second is the Ford Mondeo. Ergonomically, it's one of the best there is.
What is the most comfortable car? - SjB {P}
Agree with Morris Ox.
Volvo S60/V70/S80.

Control layout is spot on, they are all quiet and refined, over long A-road and motorway distances both the 'normal' and 'lowered dynamic chassis' are easy going companions, and I don't see how anybody could make seats with a better blend of orthopaedic support and suppleness that suits everyone from a very overweight grandfather, through beanpole friends, to small children.

Having been very impressed with Dad's S80 over the past five years, I can't wait to take our V70 2.4T to the Czech Republic and back in the next few weeks. :)
What is the most comfortable car? - Flat in Fifth
1st place Renault 16
2nd place Renault 16
3rd place Renault 16
4th place errrr ;-)
What is the most comfortable car? - Rojer
Renault 25 with Comfort Pak is very good .. for sitting whilst your car is mended .. ;)

Astra, Renault 18, Renault 25 TXi, Astra Est, Passat Est, Mercedes 190E, Mercedes
What is the most comfortable car? - THe Growler
Lincoln Town Car.
What is the most comfortable car? - trancer
.>> Lincoln Town Car.

I'll second the Town car and its air-suspended variants. The last of a dying breed of floaty land yachts. "One-finger" power steering and HGV airbrake-like braking sensitivity do nothing for driving dynamic, but I can't think of a better car for a 1500+ mile motorway journey
What is the most comfortable car? - Steve S
Swedes seem to make great seats.

My own Volvo C70 is the most comfortable car over long distances that I've known - previously had Mercs, BMWs & VW's.

A Saab that SWMBO had was fitted with excellent seats too. No problems with back ache for either of us - impressive as we differ markedly in height/leg room requirements.

The chassis on the BMWs were good for comfort by absorbing road bumps well, but the cabins and seats were very average.

Dunno why the Swedish seats are so good - maybe the crash test dummies have large backsides.

What is the most comfortable car? - king arthur
Has to be a Jag XJ6 4.2 series 1, 2, or 3. Or perhaps an XJ12. No contest.
What is the most comfortable car? - Ben with a Genesis
Has anybody suggested a Citroen C5? It came very high up in the AutoExpress Driver Power survey.

What is the most comfortable car? - matt35 {P}

After a lifetime (almost) of driving - from Ford Anglias which went a bit faster if you shut the air intake and closed the side vent windows, I have put the wife back on the streets and managed to get something special, for me anyway, X Type Auto.

But I still miss my Citroen CXs' and my three Turbo Diesel XM automatics.

The last XM has about 160000 on the clock and still runs like a Swiss watch - if I could put the auto gearbox from from the XM in the X just for a day???

Post your question on Jagtalk - an American website - enter Jagtalk in Google - and stand back for replies!

What is the most comfortable car? - FergusTheDog
Latest S Class by a mile
What is the most comfortable car? - Tomo
The most comfortable we had was a Camry (forgetting all other factors, such as it was a bore to drive!). It seemed that it would last a very long time4.
What is the most comfortable car? - OrtonMark
For a long time I drove Saabs until they became over expensive and lost their essential character but getting back to the point they had the comfortiest seats!

Now I believe the Ford Mondeo has no real rivals at the price.
What is the most comfortable car? - andymc {P}
I know there are probably more comfortable choices out there, but the most comfortable car I've had so far is the Passat, even though it's badged Sport (hah!). I've had all four shock absorbers replaced (FOC) to eliminate the small-boat-in-a-choppy-sea ride, and that has made a fantastic difference. It's now my car of choice for longer journeys. Super-smooth cruising, especially on motorways/A-roads, and the lumbar-adjustable seats are excellent. It even does a reasonable job of smoothing out the B-roads now. Just don't show it any corners ...
What is the most comfortable car? - Big John
I found my Saab 9000CS the most comfortable car, the seats were superb, I could drive from Zeebrugge to the Black Forest and get out without any twinges. The worst, contrary to other postings, was my company Renault 21, its seats were initially soft and comfortable but after 100 miles my back structure turned into a seized ratchet mechanism.
What is the most comfortable car? - blowpipe
Concur with the last. Our 9000CSE has done 140k is is still like an armchair. Small kids have the back bit, less said the better on condition but no grumbles on comfort.
What is the most comfortable car? - Wales Forester
I agree with those that say the New Ford Mondeo, the drivers seat is superbly comfortable and the back support can be felt all the way up to your shoulders.

What is the most comfortable car? - GTLK
Over the last seven years, I have driven a wide variety of, well lets call them executive cars, from BMW 7-series to Honda Accord - all at least three years old. The best I had for long journeys on Motorways and A-roads was the Peugeot 605DT Auto. It handled better than the BMW, was far more comfortable in all seats and was very quiet on the motorway. My current car, A Volvo S80 is also very good, but for general urban and suburban driving, I miss my Merc C200. It would have been better with a diesel though.
What is the most comfortable car? - Martin Devon
Ford Granada 2.9 ghia 1988 'e' reg.

What is the most comfortable car? - GTLK
Isn't it interesting that most people in the thread have nominated cars from the 1980s as the most comfortable. I believe that low profile tyres are the killer for comfort. In the 1980s a low profile tyre had a 70 section and sometimes 65 if it was 'sporty'. Now, basic saloons have 60 or even 55 section tyres, requiring heavier wheels and poweer steering systems, let alone having the basic lack of compliance in a lower profile elastic band.

The reason my Merc C200 was great was because unlike Audi, BMW and Volvo on the S60, was that the tyres were 65 section so were much more comfortable. I test drove a Volvo S60 and was appalled by the ride on 50 section tyres. It was far too pattery for a family saloon and was the reason I went for the S80.

Can anyone please tell me why a Fiesta or Clio etc need low profiles and power steering. Imagine the economy benefits if we went zack to 145/SR13 82 sections tyres like on the Renault 5. With modern tyre technology, the grip and ride would be far superior without the expense of manufacture or fuel economy.
What is the most comfortable car? - Blue {P}
Well even riding on modern tyres I noticed a *HUGE* difference in handling and grip when I upgraded my old 13" steels to just slightly wider 13" Alloys, so I suppose it is possible to get reasonable handling from 13" wheels. But my new Fiesta will have 15" Alloys, and they look soooo much smarter. :)
What is the most comfortable car? - Alfafan {P}
Definitely have to agree with Flat in Fifth. The Renault 16 is the most comfortable car I ever owned. The first and only car I could have a normal conversation going on with all passengers at 80 mph. No shouting required.

Shame the rear floor rusted away though..

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