Vectra lacking power at low rev's - Charles1600
Can anyone help, just bought a vectra premiere 1996 (N), 29,000 genuine miles on clock, everything seems fine apart from a severe lack of power at low rev's (especially uphill, which causes a big problem since I live on a VERY steep hill and have to accelerate in first) combined with a jerking effect (not the clutch since new one recently fitted). However, once rev's reach 2500-3000 rev's it seems powerful and smooth. Has anyone experienced this and what was the resolve?
Vectra lacking power at low rev's - Altea Ego
29,000 miles? 1996? new clutch?????


IF thats genuine miles, then at 3,000 miles a year the engine is probably gummed up.
Vectra lacking power at low rev's - DavidHM
29k is plenty of time to kill a clutch, and an engine, if you ride the clutch everywhere and never get out of second gear. That said, I wonder if this 29k genuine miles Vectra is related to that 178k one that someone was selling a couple of weeks back... :-)

And, while this isn't very helpful, the 1.6 ECOTEC in a Vectra is known for being gutless at low revs - I remember being shocked reading in Autocar when they first came out that you couldn't even cruise at 70 on the motorway if it was uphill without going into fourth gear!

Even so, you'd expect it to get up hills one way or another.
Vectra lacking power at low rev's - Charles1600
Seems genuine mileage (either that or vauxhall dealer fraudulently stamping S/H and various MOT stations doing the same!), however if gummed up engine is the problem how can it be resolved.
Vectra lacking power at low rev's - Altea Ego
Its probably "gummed up" because with less than 3000 miles a year its probably not had nice long hot motorway runs.

So I would change the oil and filter, Put some injection cleaner or similar in the tank, Get the car nice and hot and then run it around like a boy racer for a while, running the engine up to the rev limiter thro the gears. In other words abuse it a little but only when hot. There are plenty on here who will advise you about what oil to use.

You will see during the first blasts thro the gears, greyish smoke come from the exhaust, this will clear after a few goes.
Vectra lacking power at low rev's - DavidHM
Okay, no one who knows his stuff has come along so I'll have a go.

As well as the oil and filter (£15 National Tyres semi-synth change is probably ideal - 10W40, which is what I think the Vauxhall handbook says, otherwise maybe Masterfit?) do the plugs, HT leads and air filter.

Finally, at 29k it's a possibility that the cam belt hasn't been changed. If it's original, it will be OLD now and ECOTEC engines like this (7 years, more like 4k per year but still) are known for liking a regular diet of cambelts with a recommended interval of 40k. I don't know if there's a time limit but I'd say 5 years is an absolute maximum for safety, otherwise it could well be new engine time.
Vectra lacking power at low rev's - Dynamic Dave
I don't know if there's a time limit - cambelt

Recommended changed at 4 yrs, or 40,000 miles. Whichever is sooner.


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