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Rust - Andy Bairsto
Daimler Benz have publically (after months of denying)announced in Germany that there is a severe rust problem on all E class models upto june2001.The worst rust appears to be under the seal rubbers round doors windows etc.and suspension mountings.The problem appears to have started when they started using stretch body panels to make the car lighter but retain rigity.
On another subject I recently returned to the UK to see my family and had to drive the full lengh of the M1 and M62 in both directions.As far as increasing the speed limit I found most Uk drivers are not capable of driving never mind driving fast.Also the truck drivers tailgating at 70mph should be locked up.I never saw one police car on the whole of the M1 trip and only two cameras both in Yorkshire.Laned disipline ,lack of indicating and tailgating well what can you say.I drove the previous month 6000km throughout Europe France Spain Italy Austria and back to Germany and never saw anything like the Uk .No wonder insurance is so high in the Uk compared to mainland Europe.I would say driving in Sau Paulo Brazil is saver than London,perhaps Mark will comment on that.
Have a safe weekend
Andy Bairsto
M1 motorway - chris watson
i recently had to deliver some FSO parts, and had to go on the M1, and i was stopped, i drive a lada and the police stopped me for speeding???. the thing is the officers were nearly laughing when i said i was also delivering FSO and lada and polski fiat parts. BUT WHEN CAN A LADA 1300 DO 84 MPH.
Re: M1 motorway - Jasper Carrott
The usual thing a lada driver does with a speeding ticket is to get it framed.

Re: Rust - Mark (Brazil)
> .I would say driving in Sau Paulo Brazil is saver than London,perhaps Mark > will comment

Try and stop me !!

You certainly see a lot of trivial accidents in Sao Paulo. Slow moving traffic is always hitting each other. You see few major accidents, but when there is one it tends to be a biggie.

Motorcycles split into two parts. The small ones (moto boys) die all the time, but the larger ones, and I rode a 750 in Sao Paulo for 2 years do ok.

I think the reason is the same for both - there are som many raging, incompetent idiots on the road that you rarely if ever, slip into driving subconciously. You have to be awake all the time. Therefore I would suspect that you get much less of the careless accident.

I will try to dig out some figures. However, what is sure, that less accidents or not the quality of drving is appalling, it is never an even vaguely enjoyable experience and you could get arrested in the UK for the general driving demanour that you end up adopting in Sao Paulo.

However, Sao Paulo drivers die in Bahia. This is actually true. For those that don't know Sao Paulo is a huge city and Bahia is by and large an empty state. Three companies that I know of will not allow their Sao Paulo employees to drive in Mercuri, Bahia although local employees are allowed to drive.

The logic is that Sao Paulo drivers are used to other people watching them and dodging them, this doesn't happen in Bahia so when they do somethign stupid they die. And I mean die, not injured, since its all large trucks and speeding wrecks up there.

> on that.
> Have a safe weekend
> Andy Bairsto
Re: Rust - Tony Cooper
I was interested, and my brother in law, who owns a new E class, was frantic, regarding your article and MB acknologising they have a RUST problem.
Can you shed any more light on the press release, report or sources of this info.
What have MB said they are doing about it, how extensive is it , etc.


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