Saab 9000 Temperature Gauge - pjb
My 1994 Saab 9000 has recently been fitted with a 1995 head. The original temperature sensor had one electrical connection but the replacement head can apparently only accept a sensor with two connections. A sensor has been fitted into the redundant bolt hole where the distributor clamp used to go so I do at least know how hot the front near side of the head is! However, the gauge seems to lag considerably behind the water temperature and I am not at all confident that it would warn me of a problem in time for me to react. As far as I can tell the cooling system is working correctly. I understand that the 1995 cars used the sensor to control both the radiator fan and the temperature gauge. I have tried connecting my single lead to each of the sensor's connections but the gauge does not respond. Has anyone come across this problem and solved it, apart from changing the head?
Saab 9000 Temperature Gauge - Glutton
Have you given the Saab message boards a try? They seem to be full of very enthusatic bods. and
should be able to help I reckon
Saab 9000 Temperature Gauge - pjb
Thanks for advice. I will try both and see what happens.
Saab 9000 Temperature Gauge - Mike H
Also, the Saab owners club site, go to Forums.

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