Bad BodyWork Job - Sparky
Just had my rear n/s door reskinned and sprayed at a bodyshop after some kind person drove into it and forgot to leave a note, but the wrk done isn't great, the front and rear doors are significantly different in colour, although the rear door matches well with the rear quarter. Have I any right to ask the bodyshop to ensure that the colour appears consistent across the side of the car??
Bad BodyWork Job - Morris Ox
Absolutely, and I wouldn't pay up until it's matched. It's entirely reasonable to expect that a respray would match the original colour (unless yours is an old car wher the paint had faded and the new panel is the orignal shade).

If they thought they were likely to have some difficulty matching the shade they should have told you that first.

Is the bodyshop in question a member of the Retail Motor Industry Federation or the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association? They would be able to help you if it gets tricky.
Bad BodyWork Job - Sparky
Problem is I paid up at the time it looked OK in the poor light and rain when I picked it up :o(.. The car is less than 2 years old (met silver alfa 156) so I doubt there is any problems with fading paintwork.
I will look into whether they are a member of those associations, many thanks for your comments..
Bad BodyWork Job - doug_523i
Looking at many modern cars, the manufacturers can't get a match over the whole side of the body. Do Ford spray their doors separately from the rest of the body? The doors on many silver Focus are very noticeably a shade out on many I see.
Bad BodyWork Job - Altea Ego
Dont understand this, are you saying the newly sprayed rear door matches the rear quarter but not the original front door? There must have been a mismatch anyway cos the rear quarter does not match the front door unless the rear quarter has been sprayed as well. (then it would not match the boot)
Bad BodyWork Job - Sparky
It is the 2nd time the rear door has been sprayed cos I am inherently unlucky the first time it was done the front door and rear quarter and rear door were all sprayed to an extent to 'feather' (term used by the guy at the bodyshop) the colour such that it all apeared consistent across the length of the car.. after that was done it looked perfect. This time at a different bodyshop the guy has just simply matched to the rear quarter it seems and just sprayed the back door only, despite the fact he knew what was done last time by the other bodyshop and said he would and could do the same. Anyway he is taking the car back in a few days to try and rectify the problem so hopefully it will be OK
Bad BodyWork Job - Altea Ego
Ahhhhh Mystery solved!

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