Intrigued ? Laguna etc - AndyLucas881
Been looking through alot of the posts in Discussion reading with Interest the various threads on Lagunas. This jogged my memory about something I never found the answer to re Lagunas etc:

What purpose does the black part of the front of the bonnet serve is it just to prevent stone chips on that part of the car?

I have seen a similar looking item on a Chrysler although that looked to be 'add-on' rubber with little fins sticking up.

As I say I'm just intrigued!

Intrigued ? Laguna etc - Altea Ego
You are talking about the strip on the lip of the bonnet above the radiator grill? Sometimes its dark sometimes its silver depending on the colour of the bodywork.

I have assumed its a styling feature of some kind, and in my mind spoils the look of the car, the rest of the car looks so good to my eye. It may have been added late in the styling phase of the car to change the look, if this is the case its a sloppy fix. If it was styled in right at the start, then me and the designer dont see eye to eye on this.

Betcha it goes on the first facelift, it must cost a frank or two
(sorry euro) to incorporate in each car.

Intrigued ? Laguna etc - AndyLucas881
Yeah thats the strip I was talking about, If it is styling then I think I'm with you, don't like it.

Can anyone tell me what the 'add-on' on the Chrsyler Neon does?(see first note)

Intrigued ? Laguna etc - borasport20
Was it a 'car bra' -

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Intrigued ? Laguna etc - AndyLucas881
Yeah It was. They do seem to be more popular in the US so guess it is to do with the way they deal with icy/snowy roads.

I can't think people get them cos they look good? maybe I'm wrong

Cheers for that


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