vectra idle - trickynicky
My 1997 2.5 v6 vectra is slow to return to tickover after the throttle is opened. Not a bad fault, but makes gearchanges a little slower than I would like. I've only had the car three months and don't know if this is normal. The dealer assures me that it is.
Any ideas?
vectra idle - Dom F {P}

It\'s not normal. Had same prob on Vectra 2.0 SRi three years ago. Causes were Idle Adjust Sensor, and Air Mass Sensor. These two constantly deleted up is why I got rid. Vauxhall were less than useless with it. Known problem.

Dom F
vectra idle - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
It IS normal for a slow return to idle and the revs wont drop much between gear changes and normal idle wont be achieved until car is stationary for a few seconds, however, if you feel the speed is hanging up excessively get it checked by an expert. It may simply be that the throttles and idle speed controller need cleaning.

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vectra idle - Dynamic Dave
Would a fly by wire throttle be fitted to a 1997 Vectra, or was that fitted later on? If it hasn't and it's got a throttle cable, maybe it needs adjusting as it might be too tight.
vectra idle - james_60

my mums first corsa in 1996 had fly by wire

J Stephenson

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