Wind Screen Wipers gone Barmy - Wally Zebon
The windscreen wipers on my 1993 Audi S2 have gone barmy - specifically the intermittent position.

When I switch the wipers to intermittent I get anything from a single wipe to 20 wipes before it pauses. It will then do the same again, but with a different number of wipes.
If I switch the wipers off before it has reached a pause, then the wipers just stop whereever they are on the windscreen. They do not return to there home position.

This also means that if I try the single wipe option (press down), the wiper will move for as long as the stalk is pressed downwards, but the instant I let it go, the wipers will stop.

I know what to expect now so it is not the end of the world, but it really can be annoying when there is just a little bit of spray around and the wipers decide to go for a couple of minutes.

Does anybody have any ideas what might be causing this?

Wind Screen Wipers gone Barmy - Altea Ego
Its almost certainly the park switch, or track on the pcb or whatever the VAG group use to park the wipers in place. Its making intermittant contact. It could mean a new wiper motor, or a module bolted to the motor. I am sure someone who has had one apart will tell you.

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