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Can anybody please help me? I am involved in negotiations with my employer over our subsidised company car scheme and its high time for the employer to review the contribution it makes towards our business use car insurance.
Can anybody advise me where I can find an index showing insurance average increases over the last few years? I have been searching the web with little success.
Many thanks
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The Association of British Inaurers would be a good starting point, but whether they have a website or not I'm not sure. Web search should certainly bring up a contact number.

Most insurers should be able to tell you, but you'll have to navigate your way through a call centre for that, which isn't my idea of fun.

Be amazed if your company didn't already know the answer. Bear in mind that insurers do grade different types of business use (i.e., commuting/occasional use/essential car user).

The increases will be pretty substantial, though, as most motor policies have been running at a loss recently.
cost of car insurance - Mark (RLBS)
I don;t know where you would find anything authoritative on the subject.

One of the difficulties is that insurance premiums do not increase in a uniform manner over all risks, between all companies or even at the same time each year.

e.g. A particular company may decide it has too many young drivers and therefore increase those premiums by 20% while only increasing older drivers by 10%. Ditto postcodes, cars (age and type), experience, bonus levels, cover type, claims history, driving restrictions etc.

Their overall premium income may go up, but they may have changed their risk profile rather than their premiums.

Although you do make the point about business use. If the idea is to be reimbursed for just that part of your premium then it will become even more difficult as many of the insurance companies have changed their approach to that over the last few years and it may now represent a different percentage of your total premium than it did 5 years ago (not necc. higher).

However, another approach would be to sample your drivers/cars and ring around for quotations from different brokers for that selection. That should put you in a position of being able to adopt a reasonable standard for today.

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