Pug 306 - Knocking!!! - Karlos
Im just wondering if someone could give me a little help....

I have a 306 XN - \'94 M reg!

When I drive over the slightest bump, there is a knocking sound which is driving me mad!!! I\'ve taken it to suspension & exhaust place, and they can\'t see any problems whatsoever.

I really don\'t want to pay the dealership a few hundred quid just to investigate the problem.

Ive noticed that if I am turning left... the knocking doens\'t happen. It does feel like its coming from the front of the car.

Any advice?
Pug 306 - Knocking!!! - IanT
Just like you, I took my 1993 knocking 306 to the local garage for investigation and they couldn\'t find anything.

Later, I found that it was caused by wear in the vertical links connecting the anti-roll bar to the front subframe. With both front wheels in the air (to avoid twisting the anti-roll bar), you can test the link\'s ball joints for wear. I found there was no detectable wear if I twisted/turned the ball joints, but there was play if the link was pulled away from the anti-roll bar or the subframe. Replacing both links fixed the problem.

On the other hand, my 306 knocked on uneven ground but not when going over speed humps in a straight line. Which doesn\'t quite fit your description of not knocking when turning left!


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