Fair wear and tear - JohnH
Can anyone help me? I am thinking about obtaining a new or fairly new car on PCP from one of the leasing companies. However I am a little worried about what their definition of fair wear and tear is - I do not wish to have to pay a large amount of money at the end of the period: I have two children and a 2 dogs none of whom have any respect for car interiors! Does anyone have any experience of how the average leasing company defines \"fair wear and tear\" and what, in reality, those definitions mean?
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Fair wear and tear - Dave_TD
I would think that, after 3 years' use, as long as the car is returned clean and undamaged you would be fine. Unless you cover the sort of mileage I do you're unlikely to wear the steering wheel or pedals to a shine, so the only things to take care to avoid during your time with the car are fag burns in the seats or carpets, parking knocks and scraped wheeltrims.
Fair wear and tear - Godfrey H {P}
Jonh I think that you may be right to worry that 2 dogs and 2 children may do more than fair wear and tear damage. Have you considered buying a nearly new car with a personal loan? That way you own the car and it works out cheaper than a PCP. There are lots of cheap finance deals out there at the moment. Good luck!
Fair wear and tear - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
I was looking into leasing at one time, and found a 'dehire' guide detailing what is acceptable and what isn't with 'Lex'.

I would imagine PCPs work to a similar set of standards, but I have no personal experience of them.

The pdf download is here: www.lvl.co.uk/downloads/lvl_car_dehire_guide.pdf

This is aimed at fleet managers, but makes an interesting read.
Fair wear and tear - DavidHM
I may be sounding like a broken record on this, but

www.smartermotoring.com contains an Alliance and Leicester product, the Car Purchase Plan, that gives you most of the advantages of a PCP (low payments, primarily) without the risk of penalty payments. There is no MGFV but instead a deferred amount that is 40% of the original loan after three years.

Unless you do a huge mileage, you shouldn't be looking at a car that will be worth less than 40% of the amount financed anyway - you can always get a better deal than that.

Another advantage is that the APR is low - 6.9% compared to typically 13.9% for a manufacturer scheme.
Fair wear and tear - JohnH
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