If I am disabled do I get a 50% discount on new car registration tax?

I'll be getting delivery of a new car in January and was wondering if you could tell me whether I can get a reduction on the first registration tax through being disabled. I normally get a get a 50% reduction on the annual tax, so can I get this reduction on the first year's tax of £200 and the £55 first reg fee.

I can't find the answer on the DVLA web site.

Asked on 22 September 2023 by Trevor Jenkins

Answered by David Ross
If you are entitled to a 50% reduction in VED then this will also apply to the first year rate, although the first registration free is a separate component to VED so is not eligible for a discount.

You can claim this discount by sending the appropriate paperwork to the DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BF, and include an official letter or statement from DWP confirming your rate of PIP, dates of receiving this benefit plus your name and address, as well as the V5/C, a completed V10 form and a cheque or money order for 50% of the first year rate.
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