I want to order a new Passat, but should I wait for the next generation?

We have been looking at buying a new VW Passat Estate but there is currently a 40 week wait for a new factory order and we aren't in a hurry.

However by all accounts there is an all new Passat coming end of 2023. So we don't like the idea of committing to waiting for the old model, as by the time it's ready to be delivered the new model will be available. We are aware there could be a similar wait, and it will probably be more expensive, and less of a deal to be had, but unsure what to do, so any advice greatly appreciated.

Asked on 26 June 2023 by beardylondon

Answered by David Ross
Volkswagen is yet to announce a new Passat, but it is anticipated that a new generation will arrive in September of this year.

As you say, a new model will likely be more expensive than the current generation you have on order and will also have quite a long lead time, so there will be a delay.

Ultimately it is your decision about how long you want to wait and the cost involved. You may be able to get a better deal on the current generation car once the next generation Passat has been announced and dealers are trying to sell off existing stock.
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