Peugeot 307s - eek! - ATBO
I test drove a 307 Style (2.0l HDi) at the Great Trade Centre and there was no power/acceleration when pressing the pedal to the metal. I am unfortunately ignorant of why this could be. Any ideas, please? I like the car but want to know if I'm buying trouble - never mind all the nightmare stories I've just read on the net! Could it be that it was v low on diesel? The fuel light was on. Thanks in advance etc.
Peugeot 307s - eek! - Gen
Surely not just low on fuel...would drive alright until spluttered to a stop if that...why don't you give more details of the car and someone will probably tell you if the price is about right too!
Peugeot 307s - eek! - ATBO
December 01 registered, 12600 miles, previously owned by a security firm. Initial inspection seemed ok - tyres, paint immaculate; carpet slightly adrift from trim in driver's footwell (salesman said they'd fix, manager said they don't...). Car on offer for £8499. Is GTC too good to be true?
Peugeot 307s - eek! - Alfafan {P}
No idea about VFM, but if there was the sort of problem you describe in any car I test drove, I'd walk away PDQ.
Peugeot 307s - eek! - james S
It's not a horrible yellow one is it? If so it's been hanging around for a least 3 weeks. So has a Focus TDci at 10999 on a 52 plate. Can get a new one that much. I didn't think yellow suited the at all.

James S
Peugeot 307s - eek! - ATBO
Er, Apple Green...I'm off to have a look at it now, see what they say. Laters.
Peugeot 307s - eek! - Andrew-T
Could just be too much slack in the accelerator cable adjustment (fault with my 306 HDI when I got it).

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