Passat 'Climatronic' fault - LHM
Having finally put SWMBO's 1.8 20V Passat back together following a cambelt failure (20 very bent valves, but thankfully no other damage!), I gave it a 30-mile 'test run' last night - and all seemed well :-)

However, on starting the car this morning, the 'Climatronic' system just refused to operate - no display, no nothing. Resorting to technical diagnosis, I gave the surrounding area a couple of 'gentle thumps', whereupon the system sprang into life! Looking more closely, I had accidentally caught the rear window demister switch, and was somewhat perplexed to find that the 'Climatronic' now only operates with the demister switched on!!!

Any ideas??? I haven't had chance to investigate further - that's tonight's joy, just hoping someone's seen it before........!
Passat 'Climatronic' fault - Dave N
Guess you need to check the multiplug on the rear.

Only problems I've come across is when the whole thing fails, and replacement required. If I remember correctly, about £700.
Passat 'Climatronic' fault - LHM
Had similar thoughts, Dave, so had another look this evening (not too long 'cos it's b****y cold out there!).

Had a look at the fuses - found No.5 fuse blown, listed in handbook as 'air conditioning'. Hmmmm - stuck in spare, and it blew too. Pulled Climatronic control unit and disconnected all four plugs. Try another fuse - and that blew too!

Guess this is good news because the control unit probably isn't U/S, but bad news because I don't have the wiring diagrams to determine what else fuse 5 supplies (which is probably where the fault lies). My Haynes manual only gives wiring diagrams for the manual air conditioning model.

Short of taking it to a dealer (waves Holy Cross and garlic at arm's length!!), is there any way of obtaining the appropriate wiring diagram??

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